Buying NAIM abroad

Not a single dealer left in the whole of Spain! :cry:

There seems to be lots in France and Germany.

Anybody able recommend one?

I see : Zococity
Sound Sevilla
Studio 22

They don’t exist anymore ?

The last 3 exist, not sure about the first

Where are you located ? There are quite a few - you could contact SIT&B in Barcelona, they are the distributor since Naim and Gordon (hometech) parted ways.

All good advice thanks chaps, I’ll have a look.

Yeah, Gordon was the nearest thing I had to a “local” dealer - sold me my ATC SCM19’s, fantastic speakers. Shame he’s parted ways with Salisbury. I wonder why that was.

I’m checking out all the options, including asking Tom in St Albans to get back if he gets a pre-loved in for recapping and delivery to me up here in the Sierras.


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