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Has Naim changed their policy about buying their products ? In the old days if you wanted Naim you would go to shop, audition the product and if you bought it the dealer would come round your house and set it up. Now i know products like the Muso you can get online because i got mine from John Lewis, but their more expensive equipment you could only buy from a shop/dealer. I’ve been looking with interest in getting the NDX 2 and it’s quite easily available from several shops to get online.

I think with the Covid situation and lockdowns over the past year a lot of things have had to adapt. I think Naim would still recommend that the best way to purchase is to discuss your requirements and get a proper demo from a dealer, but this last year has made dealer visits difficult, if not impossible.


My local dealer’s website asks customers to call or email. When I call, I am invariably told that I will be called back later which never happens. Email queries elicit no response.

This business is run by a pair of older men who are never especially welcoming, even to me who they know perfectly has plenty of money to spend and is not a troublesome or demanding customer. They must be absolutely terrifying to the average punter who will beat a hasty retreat to Richer Sounds just across the road.

It seems silly to me that Naim allow their business and reputation to be towed behind dealerships like this


I have just bought an Atom based system for my son. My dealer delivered it to me but I was happy to install it. He was at the end of the phone in case I needed help.

I have also bought some other bits and have them on order. He will install these for me in a COVID safe way when they arrive. Great service as ever. No dem of course but it was not an issue for this purchase. I am not sure I would want a more conventional delivery for Naim stuff though.

And also i’ll have to take into account that the prices will go up in April and the shops might not be open then so i’d probably miss out.

Given that going to work if you can’t work from home is a legitimate activity and that this includes domestic activity eg cleaners - the difference between a dealer personally delivering an item and installing it is a little arbitrary, no?

All you need to do is call your Naim dealer and agree a price. They can either then ship it to you or possibly Naim will send to you direct. I feel it would be wrong to ask a dealer to install it - they may be vulnerable and not wish to do so and should not be put under pressure.

I bought my Nova in May last year through an online dealer and managed to get 4 years interest free in the process. I made a leap of faith because I already owned a Nait 5i and knew I liked the Naim sound. With the sort of deal I got it brought the monthly payments down to considerably less than I’m paying for family mobile phone contracts, so I thought, why not.
I’d rather have gone to my local dealer, but as it has been pointed out, the current situation makes it more difficult to audition and they couldn’t match the deal I got.
As far as I know the deal still exists so it might be worth a search. I’m not sure I’m allowed to say directly on here but if there is a private messaging service on this forum I’d be happy to oblige.

You can give a general recommendation of a dealer who has say, given great service, but pointing members towards any specific items for sale is not allowed.


I used Audiovisual online.

I am familiar with the Naim sound and have been buying them for decades. I have a Linn/Naim Isobarik six pack set up, so i know what i’m expecting. I’ve ordered the NDX 2 and it’s coming Saturday.

Nice one

My dealer delivered some units for me to home demo (some I had picked up between lockdowns), picked them up after a couple of weeks and then delivered the ones I ordered. I think he might have been willing to install them but I was happy to do so and did not ask. Great service and great price given that level of service.

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Richard, covid permitting I am hoping to audition and then buy some new equipment later this year, but the dealer I last used many years ago is no longer a Naim dealer. In the light of what you have said, is it acceptable to ask the forum for dealer recommendations in my area?


Of course Neil.

Thanks for the clarification.

Dealers are a mixed bunch for me. Over many years I have had to use 4 different ones due to my relocating with work. TBH I wouldn’t give any of them 5 stars which is a sad thing to have to say. We need many more young, hungry, tech savvy dealers who are happy to embrace buying by mail order with free extended home trials if the customer wishes it. Some of the old dealers we see around are well past their sell by date when it comes to customer service.

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You simply can’t go wrong with the nice folks at Acoustica in Chester. :+1:

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Acoustica Seconded