Buzz from speakers

I have a Lumin T2 connected to my Xs2 with a chord Clearwater rca to din , recently I have a buzz from speakers when Lumin switching on , tried changing to rca to rca and buzz disappears , any ideas

Thanks in advance

It’s hard to diagnose remotely but, it’s possibly due to an earth loop.
You can try using an earth loop isolator (not ideal as it interrupts the signal to some degree) or connect an earth cable from the chassis of the Lumia T2 to a known earth point, such as the earth pin of a power plug (all UK plugs have an earth).

Thanks , will try that . The buzz does tend to vary in level and intensity when I move the cables away from others , would that be a symptom or sign of a ground loop

Sympathy - I just had one of these. I’d suggest staring with the easiest things and then working methodically through until it is 100% gone or you lose the will to keep trying.

Before trying any tests at all check what has changed since before the noise was there? Plugged into same sockets? On the Chord cable has changed? Actually you moved both boxes as well? If that doesn’t give inspiration…

Step 1. Does it actually sound just as good to you via RCA-RCA cable? If yes, ignore the rest of us and use that.

Step 2. If moving cables apart reduces the hum/ buzz (and with no sudden crackle while you are moving the cable), can you get the hum to zero by being really careful with cable positioning? If yes, do that - or try a different RCA-DIN cable with different shielding choices.

Step 4. If cable dressing does not reduce the noise very much and there is no crackle as you were moving cables, does the hum/buzz reduce significantly if you put your hand on the boxes (most obviously the amp)? If yes, running a little earth lead from that box may well be the answer.

Step 5. Get a bit of wire and start touching it to metal things and earth points.

Step 6. Consider the practicalities of sacrificing a goat to your chosen prayer-recipient.

Step 5 may sound a bit wacky. However, a hunt for a hum that arrived with a new turntable led to the dealer running a wire from TT sub-chassis directly to pre-amp phono-input earthing-point and the unhooking of the earths to the arm cable and phono-stage. A loud (volume-dependent) and infuriating main hum vanished - I can’t understand why, but I don’t care.

Fixing these things, once you get past the first steps here, seems to me to be somewhere between blind luck and black art - good luck!

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Thanks , it is puzzling , will try your suggestions, many thanks

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