Buzzing sound NAC 202 and Densen CDP

After I removed my NAP 200 and NAC 202 to get them serviced locally which didn’t work out connected every thing back together. And now have this loud buzzing on AUX2 I had a buzz before on previous setup but not so bad as it is now.
I have found the problem with the buzzing, its coming from my Densen Beat 400 CDP tried another CDP and no buzz. When I touch the Densen the buzz goes!
So it appears to be an earth fault any suggestions ? I swapped the 5 Pin Din To RCA/Phono cable and its not the cable, must be the Densen CDP!

For some reason it appears that the Densen is not properly earthed. First check its mains lead and ensure it is wired to earth in the plug. If it is all ok, but you still have the buzz, you can use a thin wire to connect the chassis to mains earth. You need to find a screw on the case: undo it slightly, wrap the wire round the screw and tighten it up. Connect the other end to the earth terminal in a mains plug and plug it in. Obviously you need to be 100% sure that you connect to the earth terminal in the plug.

Just to be clear, is this happening with the Densen CD player, NAC202 and NAP200 only or are there other sources connected to the 202 - A turntable or AV system etc ?

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I tried mains cable from Densen CDP to another outlet, still the same.

So I connected a cable from under Densen to the earth connection on NAC 202 Buzzing has gone.

Thanks for the help!


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