Bypass Chromecast for ND5 XS

Hello out there. I recently bought a ND5 XS ( Dynalab amp and fiorentino elba speaker) . Unfortunately I didn’t realize and had not experience with, that neither Tidal nor spotify have a lot of classical music. Extremely meager instead. So I like to listen to a dedicated classical streaming service. But : how can I get acces to this . I use an android phone and definitely don’t want to use my laptop (not even in standby)
Any ideas? Or did I just bought the wrong streamer?

If you have suitable nas you can load bubble upnp on it and subscribe to Qobuz.

I don’t know if you can get the mconnect app for Android (I have it on iOS) but it has enabled me to run Qobuz on an ndx. I think you have to pay about three pounds for the app

Thnx all. I try to get thngs working

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