Cable advice please

Dear All

I am new to the Naim ecosystem having just invested in a SN3 and thought i’d upgrade my interconnects.
In my haste I have ordered 2x the chord clearway digital orca instead of the analogue ones to go from my dac to the SN3.
My question is will i notice a difference? The digital ones are twice the price!!

thanks in advance and i will obviously accept a certain amount of trolling for such a newbie question

Nick H

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RCA not orca as I don’t have the space or salt water supply for the latter.

Or should i perhaps use one from my node 2i to the dac?

Don’t worry. If you made an error with the order then I’m sure you can sort it out with the reseller.

Although it may well work, I wouldn’t use a digital coax cable for analogue purposes as it won’t be optimal. Possibly worth trying one between your Node and the DAC though. Otherwise I would cancel the order or send them back for a refund and get the right interconnects.

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Thanks Richard. Thats what I’ve done.

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