Cable choice for Supernait2 and MA Gold 200 5G

Hi all,

My current setup includes Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 streamer -> Chord Signature digital coaxial -> Rega DAC-R -> Chord Anthem Reference RCA -> Supernait 2 -> Chord Epic Twin 3m -> Monitor Audio Gold 200 5G .

Yesterday I made a test with different speaker cables - Chord Odyssey 2 , 4m length, which are factory terminated and had the special Naim plugs on the amp end. In comparions my Epic Twins have other type of termination - some Airlock banana plugs which I don’t think were terminated by Chord and the banana plugs are longer than the traditional Chord ones.

What I found was very interesting. The bass response from the Odyssey was a bit less in quality but a lot more controlled. Sometimes with the Epic Twin I feel like the speakers can’t handle the bass and it is more muddy and more boomy. Overall the Odyssey was more crips, the soundstage more focused, instruments better positioned. The highs and upper mids more clear and extended which I missed in the Epics. I believe some of these differences have to deal with the factory termination from Chord and the added lenght of 1 meter which probably provides better control overall. In addition the Odyssey most probably are a better fit for my system. The MA Golds have a very refined and pleasant sound and adding the Epic Twin in the mix I think adds too much mellowness and looses the clarity in sound. The Epic Twin themselves are “sweet” sounding like often described.

Having tested the Odyssey I concluded although it has a bit less amount of bass and I think a bit smaller amount of overall detail the sound was more clear, controlled and overall more pleasant. So, I decided to change my Epic Twins with something else. I wonder whether to buy even 5 meters of Odyssey (the extra length might produce even better sound probably) or to go upper in the Chord line and get 4 meters of Chord Signature. The second choice would be very expensive and I suspect law of deminishing returns might start to play here. The difference in money between the Odyssey and the Signature might be used for upgrading the Chord Anthem Reference or the DAC itself if it is not so worth the upgrade.

Does anyone with similar setup or more experience might give me a piece of advice here?

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Hi and welcome.

I have the Naim Superlumina 3m speaker cable with a SN2 along with the Superlumina interconnect to a NDX2.

The SN2 is more than able to deliver at the Superlumina and Signature level (I have the streaming cable). I think exploring the Signature speaker cable for system consistency is well worth exploring.

My understanding is that additional speaker cable length is not required with a SN2 for sound quality, so go with what is required for you current or future setup.

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I was using Chord Epic Twin for 2 years before I upgraded to Signature XL. Have a look at my thread here on the comparison between NACA5, Chord EpicTwin and Signature XL.

In summary, I share the same experience. Out of the 3 cables the Epic Twin produced the most bass. And you are right about point of diminishing returns with costly cables. Nevertheless, the differences they bring small or big are tangible.

Before thinking of more expensive cables I’d question the use of the rather modest Rega dac. A top quality dac with modest cables is likely to be a lot more satisfying.

Thank you for the replies! I also was thinking of upgrading the Rega Dac before proceeding with any cables. Could you suggest a DAC that will fit well in my system in the 1500$-2500$ range? I have been thinking about Chord Qutest but I don’t know how much better it will be over the Rega? What about other DACs which are higher league than the Qutest and will match well with Naim amplification?

I use an RME ADI-2 DAC, which is excellent and displaced a (much more expensive) Chord Hugo 2.

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