Cable DIN 5-PIN Naim "NA-0054"

Hello, I have a question about the cable DIN 5-PIN Naim “NA-0054”. Is this cable has a direction? I have a ‘green direction band’ but I don’t know if this band have to be close to the Supernait or the NDX?
Thank you for your help.

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The banded end always goes closest to the source of the music signal, so in this case closest to the NDX.

So the green band should be at the Stageline end?

If you’re using a Stageline then yes, it would go at the Stageline end.


Great to know. I’m new to Naim. Had it the other way round. Just changed it sounds much better!!!

Thank you, I have to change it now.
I did not find this information in the manual.

If you look at the connection guide illustrations in the manuals, you will see the band shown on the SNAIC or interconnect. Here’s an example showing a Supercap connection to a NAC282. Note the banded direction markers on the SNAICs.

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shame on me. :blush:
Thank you

No shame at all. Sometimes it’s easy to get a bit “snow-blind” and we just need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

FYI this is a reference to the person who made the interconnect, it’s not a part number.

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