Cable dressing 500-series

My system consists of a ND 555 with 555 DR, NAC 552 DR and NAP 500 DR. What is your advice for cable dressing?
The two cables between head unit and PS of the 552 are touching each other. I have tried that all other signal cables and burndys do not touch each other. Because I have placed the 500 on the bottom of the rack it is not possible that the burndys do not touch the ground and other cables (Ethernet cables, power cables, speaker cables).

Thanks for advice in advance.

I’ve seen others suggest to use the big bubble wrap, that we must all have tonnes of

Hi @ChrisBerlin what is is rack system? 1 or 2 stacks?

I have a rack from Finite Elemente which has three levels for two components on each level.

I have sorted my gear as follows (top to bottom):
ND 555 555 DR
NAC 552 552 DR PS
NAP 500 500 DR PS

I have the same electronics.
552 500PS
ND555 552PS
500 555PS
2 Fraim stacks. With the 500PS at top of 2nd stack the Burndies may clear the floor depending on how far apart laterally.

Have you tried moving the 552 and ps to the top shelves? 552 likes to be in as much open space as possible.

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My 500 is on the bottom, and I’ve kept the 500 burndies off the floor by placing 2cm rings of cut 15mm pipe lagging around the burndies 3 per burndy to keep the cables off the ground . The diameter of the lagging also stops other cables touch the burndies

This is a good idea.

Try to get the Burndy cable and the SNAIC to run as closely parallel without touching as possible. Take the Burndy cable ends in each hand and orientate them exactly as they connect to the sockets. Then gently twist a little back and forth while also gently swinging the cable. Do this for a minute or two to gently form the cable into shape. Fit to the sockets. Then do the same with the SNAIC. you should be able to get them to gently bow parallel to each other.


Thanks for your advice. So it is right, that the cables should not touch each other. Only the two between 552 and 552 PS should go near to each other without touching?

Sorry Chris, so much for not reading your post properly :woozy_face:. As per photo I used 3 cable ties looped round 552 burndy allowing said cable to hang in the same distance along ( about 20mm). ATB Peter

In my case, I’ve put both the Burgundy and the Snaic inside their own oversized spiral cable tidies with just one cable tie loosely tightened keeping the two cables together. I’m not sure if this is the best way but the result seems to be ok for me.

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