Cable dressing advice

Left stack. Right stack
552. 500ps
ND555. 552ps
NAP500. 555ps
Both the NAP 500 Burndies and the ND555 Burndies are on the floor in addition to the green SL interconnect from 500 to 552 ps
So what would be the best way to get the Burndies off the floor and properly dressed.
If I spread the 2 stacks further apart then the red SL from left side of 500 to the 552 ps won’t reach.
I assume I need to buy 2 more Fraim levels and perhaps place them on the bottom of each stack. Will that suffice? Any better ideas?

The arrangement of left and right stacks looks pretty good. To lift the 500 burndy’s off the ground you could try widening the distance between the stacks to the extent that the burndy’s no longer touch the floor :relaxed:

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Thanks for the reply but if I separate the 2 stacks one of my SL interconnects not long enough.

You may have to buy two more shelves :pensive:

Draw a picture to scale and cut off 3 pieces of string also to scale, then brew a pot of tea and lock out anyone who could see you. :tea:

I’ll smoke whatever you’re smoking :smirk:

Half a dozen bricks would be much cheaper :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Well, it’s just like a map and it beats fighting with the cables and changing the order of heavy boxes.

I believe most accept the inevitability of burndy floorage and opt for pipe cleaners, Brillo pads, sponges, clothes pegs, milk bottle tops, old cereal boxes, underwear elastic and god knows what else thats easily at hand.


Cheaper but it would be an aesthetical eyesore :woozy_face:

He won’t mind that, he’s got Sopras :grimacing:


That is below the belt and uncalled for…. :wink:

Tee hee…

It’s ok I can take it

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Seriously, the OP has the classic 500 series system (OK I’m mixing my range names, but you know what I mean) and there is no way of having 3-high Fraim brawn and 3-high Fraim brains stacks without the Burndys touching the floor?

This is what I am aiming for so would like to know the solution, if there is one. I am already too far invested in pipe insulation. I wonder if there are any discounts on empty Fraim shelves……?

@Darkebear, are you out there?

(Geez, I have just read that back and it sounds like the ultimate first world problem…. :crazy_face:)

Apologies for the joke at your expense! You have a point, I think. It does seem mildly ridiculous that an all Naim system can’t be assembled correctly on Fraim given how critical this is to performance. Having to buy two shelves and leave them empty just to make a system sound right can’t be right, but perhaps we are missing something.

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Can you swap the 555ps with one of the other PS, so the burndys are diagonal instead of horizontal.

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I have a 4 shelf fraim with cds3 top 252 then empty bottom shelf nap300DR. Brawn 3 shelfs, 300 ps, xps2 supercap dr. Before anyone jumps on my case I know brawn should be 4 I’m struggling to get another maple. I cannot justify £500+ for a shelf. Rant over respecting OPs request I’ve moved mine further apart, wrong perhaps but careful burndy massaging allowed burndy plugs to fit in with no strain. One of the 300ps channel burndys is 20mm off the carpet rest are fine including snaic and burndy from 252 running parallel to each other with 10 mm clearance all the way making natural contact at supercap socket ( opps I feel another long thread stating again :thinking::grin:)
I have solid floors so not overly concerned, would be if suspended timber floors on joists

I take coiling the Burndy like this is frowned upon?

Should I uncoil it, and let it dangle?

Dangling is better, so long as it can still stay off the floor. My S-XPS burndy is coiled.

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Adding extra shelves at the bottom is really the way to go. The 552 is very sensitive and ideally should have nothing above or below it. When I had one I had CDS3, space, 552, space, 300. It all depends how worried you are about squeezing every last atom of performance from the system. People moan about the cost of these extra levels but if anyone can afford a £60,000 set of electronics they really shouldn’t whinge about spending an extra £1,000 on a couple of shelves.