Cable Dressing

Well, I have disconnected and labelled everything today. From top to bottom NDX2, 252, 300PS, Supercap, 555PS and 300. I moved the 300PS higher to try and give the burndys some space from the 300. So before I put it back into the alcove in situ any comments?. I do have some pipe insulation so wonder if it is worth using that anywhere and I do need to do a little light “swinging” to try to loosen up the Burndys a bit more


I don’t think that the best order.

In my system I have from top to bottom


Nothing touches the floor and it keeps power away from the pre-amp and streamer.

Thanks. Only problem is speaker cable length doesn’t allow 300 to go higher in the rack hence why I have it at the bottom

I’ve always wondered why there’s so much discussion about keeping the signal and power away from each other but then Naim puts them in the same cable (including burned and snaic) and also sends signal directly through the external power supplies.

Maybe because power cables are 240V AC and the power in a Burndy or Snaic is 24V DC or something like that. As a bit of a sheep I just follow the advice. Electronics is a bit beyond me.

Fair point on the cables.

I do not know the science behind this but I have always understood that keeping mains power cables away from signal cables is that unshielded power cables can pick up/transfer RF and EM interference and pass this on to a signal cable nearby and so create noise in the signal. That being the case it may not be such an issue if you are using shielded mains leads instead of the kettle-style leads most units come with as standard.

What about having power cables tight together in parallell? Naim Powerline is not shielded so could that potentially change their characteristics if you put 3-4 of them tight together for their full length?

I use supercheap foam to help keeping cables separated


Is that foam directional and burnt in?


I have found Wicks’ pipe insulation far superior to B&Q’s.


Sounds more analogue.

Black foam has a lower inky black noise floor compared to white foam.

I downloaded this photo from an earlier version of this forum. I’m sure you’ll agree it is a lesson to us all in the fine art of cable dressing; something to which we should all aspire. I think it was TonyM who set this fine example.


That Tony sure knows his stuff!


Yep, and I’ll bet when they first plugged it all in it was all neat and tidy. I am convinced small spirits live in cables and ropes and while you are not looking overnight they twist and turn with a knotty result!


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This thread reminds me the cable undressing thread which was great fun and a way to forget about being too serious about cable dressing.

It was was a kind of ‘Dr. Strangelove and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ moment. Just replace bomb by cable undressing in the title of the film and it works. You feel relaxed afterwards.


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Am I doing it right?