Cable from AVR to SN3

I have recently purchased an SN3 and would like to connect my Arcam AVR850 to the AV/ HT bypass.

What cables do I need? any recommendations? Do I need a Din cable?


You can use either DIN or RCA with the SN3 each input has both options (never use both at the same time - as per manual). As your AVR only has RCA outputs I personally would go for a good quality RCA to RCA.

great thanks Paul.

I had my cable for the AVR850 / NAC552 made up for me by Fastback Cables. Just make sure that you get the one that has source on the RCA phonos, and DIN on the Naim end. Could have gone for something “better” (e.g Chord), but to be honest the Fastback does the job very well.

Thanks do you have a link for this cable.

Also how many pin din do I need.

Apologies, I am new to Naim.

It’s in the manual. It’s a 180 degrees 5 pin din.
Much easier to stick with 2x rca.

Just checked online. Can’t find Fastback audio cables at all! Have they gone out of business

Anyway, this may served your needs

Otherwise any reasonable well made RCA>RCA would also do the job

Were you thinking of Flashback? If so, they are no longer in business as sadly the owner passed away last year. Designacable or BlueJeans are possible low budget alternatives who offer a range of Naim style DIN etc.

Yes, I think I was. There is a Fastback cables, but they specialise in power cables (not hifi)

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