Cable Recognition!

I was sorting out a box of old cables, most I can identify. But this one has me stumped, I thought it was a Naim Lavender but there are no markings on it at all and it seems to be well made. I’ve no idea when I got it but I have a suspicion I purchased it with my CDX many years ago. I’m going to try it out over the Weekend on my NDS instead of the Super Lumina.

Does anyone here recognise this?


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Definitely NOT a Naim Lavender. A Chord ‘something’, would be my guess… :thinking:

It looks like Chord Crimson to me. This I beleive was the default Chord Co.cable choice for Naim equipment many years ago and was/is an excellent cable.

Wrong colour, so not Naim Lavender.

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Definitely not Naim. And I don’t think it’s Crimson either.

OK after a reasonable listening test. Started off with Super Lumina as the reference between my NDS and 252 with standard and some high def files. The purple cable (as I will call it as it’s not a lavender or crimson) sounded quite good, quite together with nice timing. Then tried a standard Naim grey interconnect, the purple cable definitely better. Tried a HiLine - not a lot to choose between HiLine and purple cable. Super Lumina reconnected, definitely better, more detail and PRAT.

So will hang on to the purple cable as it’s too good to loose, might be able to find a place for it. I’ve still no idea who made it.


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