Cable risers

Interested in knowing those that use cable risers. What brand? Are you satisfied with SQ improvement? I’m considering making my own.

Seen them used by Naim in their demos. So there must be something in it.

Slice up dat pipe laggin…

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In a sensitive enough system, I would be curious to try this myself, unfortunately in my current living room this exercise would be futile.

Most pipe lagging is too ridgid to offer any microphonic damping and is purely a placebo. I use Aeroflex on my speaker cables since it is so soft. The main benefit is lagging used around speaker cables going through a rat’s nest maintains a good distance from other cables like power lines.

I suspect it is less critical on SuperLumina because both ends have air plugs to lessen transfer of microphonics to and from what they connect to.

FWIW Furutech lifts have some very favorable reviews. Bloody expensive though. Aeroflex is $5/m.

It’s a hard one to test. Disturb a cable and it takes a few days to settle with the same properties. So any A/B test is useless. Any sound difference will mostly be due to disturbing the settled cable. This is why at shows, they try and get the speakers and cables put in place first.

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Oh no

Not another cable thread :flushed::joy:


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I use cardas myrtille wood blocks to lift my speakers cables. I found a little sound improvement. I have 8 for 40 euros and they look not too bad on my wood floor.

I’ve sliced up approx 1 inch rings of lagging and use about 40 of these rings to keep all my cables off the carpet and away from all the other cables.

So the cables only touch the rings where a ring is needed to stop it touching something else - ie as few as poss.

The improvement in SQ is not a placebo.

yes, the effect of moving cables do make it impossible to do pre post tests. But the overall effect is clear over a period of time as the effects of the changes settle.

Really? So we shall all believe all manufacturers blindly you say? Come on :wink: This is a business with priority 1) Revenue 2) Revenue 3) Revenue. Even more now with Focal as owners I’m sure. More things you and me purchase means just that, more revenue and that is what pays their salary. It’s a beautiful thought they are in it only to make the very best audio quality with no compromise but that is simply only marketing.This is not Naim specific but business in general and Naim is no exception from that law of economics.


Any measurements available?

A few days from when touched to settle down!? :flushed:

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Yes. You’re welcome to put a tape measure round your forehead.

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I use desiccated hamsters. Work really well.


There was another thread on cable lifters which I am sure you could find if you search around the forum. I had never heard of them until the thread appeared and so made some out of acrylic to see how they performed. Not sure if they improved the sound or not. They certainly did not have an adverse effect on the sound.

I have engineered Oak flooring laid over Foxtrot underlay (paper based) on concrete floor. I have NAC 5 cabling. Hope this helps.


I found they worked better moist.

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I think you’ll find they get smelly after a few days.


If you can’t put up with a little discomfort in pursuit of HiFi excellence then you, Sir, are not a true aficionado.


No, I think that may be bit rot :rofl:

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You can get cream for that…


Yeah. There was a fairly decent article about it online which I’m struggling to find now. Anything in situ develops a stable set of characterists for electromagnetic properties when current is applied in a fixed position. If I could find the article, I could reference which ones.

It was a cable manufacturer debunking A/B cable tests at trade shows where a cable is physically replaced during the demonstration.