Cable tidy

How do you keep your cables tidy, particularly mains cables?

My power point sockets are immediately behind my rack, which leaves reams of excess cable behind.

Is it safe to fold or coil mains cables?

I always fold loosely and tie wrap over foam strip never coil.

Its best to fold cables, but 1 or 3 coiled turns will not be a problem.
I make all my power cables from ground up & made to fit correct length, but I do have a pair Powerline Lite’s & am reluctant to cut down for resale reasons. I have them folded, but do not use Ty-Wraps I much prefer the softer Velcro tape, they do not pinch & leave permanent marks on the cable sleeve. You can find in DIY stores & web shops, different sizes & colours, cut to whatever length you need.

The pic shows one I’ve pulled out to the front to take the pic

Thanks, that does look neat and tidy
. As you say Velcro a better material over cable ties.

A nice Hermès scarf works very well. You can cut it into ribbons and neatly secure a good number of errant cables.


I run my 3 Powerline cables in parallel to the powerstrip and then run the single powerstrip cable back to my socket behind the Fraim. I use these black plastic separators to keep the 3 cables running largely without touching each other.


When I rewired the house I could put the dedicated mains sockets wherever I wanted them, so they went behind the sofa at exactly the right distance to reach the rack with no excess cable to hide. Simple!

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