Cable to connect Nap 250 to Sudgen preamplifier

Hello community.

  1. Is it possible and 2. what cable do I need to connect Nap 250 to Sudgen preamplifier. Use Sudgen headphone amplifier as a preout with a Rotel power amp and my horns Avantgarde Duo G1 sound for the first time not too harsh. So I wanna try out the Sudgen preamp with the Naim Nap 250 and the Nac 282-Hicap with the Rotel power amp. That cable is the same than to connect Hicap to a main in from a Rotel integrated (I use for my Stage line-Hicap-Sudgen-Rotel bedroom system) Thanks a lot.

Normally you need 2 RCA from Sugden to 1 DIN/ XLR on the 250. But be sure the Sudgen match the Naim for electrical characteristics. No all non Naim pre can work properly with Naim amps.

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Thanks dear frenchrooster. I will not take any risk no more after saturday evening the horns did such a loud noise I thought the tweeter did explode. Always disconnect any preamplifier (Rotel RC-990 BX such a loser compared to the Sudgen) and main amplifier when you pull on a RCA from the preamp. Sudgen will get a 2nd e-mail from me to ask them to do an enquiry. I love my HA-4 which sounds very good with the horns. But Rotel power amp has to go. Now I will connect the Nac 282-Napsc-Hicap2 to the Rotel RB 980 BX. And the CDX2.2/XPS2 has just rolled in my living room again. Hope nothing will explode! Ps: I suspect the Nap 250 being the problem with the horns, perhaps the Nap 200 would have been the better choice but a friend told me to be sure to buy the 250. Well, perhaps Pass Int-30 or Sudgen and Naim will go. Time will tell. The horns stay. In love with my horns. But many tears will roll down when I have tio sell the Nac 282. So perhaps some B&W 803 for the Naim combo and nothing will leave my house :slight_smile:

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Is it an Omen that Manowar just sings “blow your speakers with Rock N’ Roll” ? Firing up Nac 282 in some minutes after 2 months of Hicap stealing from it

I even think a Nait 5i would be a better match for the horns. Ideally low powered tubes amps.

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Wow, love the Nac 282, wow wow wow Magic but harsh and let’s give him 3 days. But it works quite good with the Rotel. As I heard Naim with Avantgarde Uno horns in a very good room, I can’t say that Naim does not match with Avantgarde but I’m sceptic if my room is not completely wrong for my Naim-AG Duo combo. Perhaps there will be a Nap 250 to sell soon, in 3 days I will listen a week the Nac 282 / Nap 250 and then I will decide if I buy a Pass Int- 25 or Pass Int-30 or a Sudgen A21 SE signature or IA-4 or an anniversary AV-50, as 1 input on the Sudgen HA-4 for my bedroom system also sucks! Ok, let’s be honest, I just am in the mood to buy an additional amplifier and a tube amplifier will be mine in some years, not yet now (I list tube amplifiers for the last 3 days and my head is spinning around, but not in the mood for another complicated gear). About tubes: some say tube amps only sound great with horns, and Avantgardehorns sound also great with real Class A amplifiers, and do not need a tube amp. Well 80% of Avantgarde owners listen with tube amplifiers but please ask yourself: "Why Avantgarde Acoustic amplifiers have no tubes? " :slight_smile: Regards

In any case you have to try at home. How can you know that you will prefer class A amp or a tubes one with the Avant Garde?
Take your time. Personally I would recommend an Ear Yoshino 534, which matches very well with Naim pre, will sound lovely, visceral and quick.

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Hello again. My big problem is that I said that my dream “system” would be the last one. I heard my exact gear with the horns, I bought afterwards. After Sonus Faber Cremona M I really wanted to buy that day, my deception was so big that I told the shop I want music right in my face … and then he brought the horns and liked them but it was the wow effect at the moment. But it is not for long listening sessions. It’s for 2 CD’s and then it’s too much. I think I really need to try out the Sudgen with the Nap 250, as the preamplifier dictates the sound and the 282 does not work and the Nap 250 just emphasizes the Naim sound. I suppose a tube preamplifier will suit better than the Nac 282 with a tube power amp, but it is not possible to lend anything. In my country people are supposed to buy blind if the exact combo is not in the shop! With the Sudgen integrated amplifier I’m already sure that I will like the sound. For the Naim I would then buy some slower sounding speakers matching perfectly, like … don’t know.

Seems to be a good plan. Question of tastes. For me the Sugden is too soft and slow. But it’s me.

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So, I suppose you have a tube system, as you love tubes, and so, tubes can be very fast. I thought tubes were quiet slow and perfect for classic and jazz. Once heard a Ayon CD player with Naim system and did not like what I heard, but tubes are so versatile, 300 B would be the best for my horns :slight_smile: Writing some emails to dealers, Sudgen and Avantgarde, what they think best. Thanks and have a nice evening. Kind regards.

I hope you will like the pairing. I have a tube pre ( Ear Yoshino 912) with a 250 dr.
But I consider eventually an all tubes integrated in the future.
I like Naim too .

You are right, tubes amp can sound soft, mellow or even a bit sirupy. It’s the case for example with Jadis, past Conrad Johnson, Air Tight…
Other tubes like modern Audio Research, Macintosh, …have more a solid state sound than the magic of great tubes.
Other, like Aries Cerat, Ear Yoshino, Lamm…are fast, lively, and with a magical midrange. I am more towards that third category.

Good luck with your next system :crossed_fingers:

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Oh I see you have a tube pre and yes, I like the design, wonder how it sounds, suppose how I would like that my horns sound :slight_smile: . I copied all your information in my tube owner folder now.

Well that is what I thought what will better match with horns than a Nac 282 with a tube power amp … but how the h… would it be possible to do such a comparison. Wondered so long what makes the music more: preamp or power amp.

From my last tryouts, it’s the preamplifier which gives the basic definition, the direction of the musical character. Sudgen preamp or Naim Nac 282 or a Rotel integrated or preamplifier are worlds apart.

Now I listen to Norah Jones, unbearable this hissing when she sings softly, see no sense in listening like that. Nap 250 will be connected tomorrow evening. But Nac 282 details are very nice. After that a pair of B&W DM 580 will be hooked up to Naim Nac 282 / Rotel power amp. Never tried that.

Tomorrow I’ll find out what difference the Nap 250 makes. Don’t remember how the combo sounds as I never listened closely to one and the same album : The Corrs, Mark Knopfler, Norah Jones over and over, and over and over … and over again :slight_smile:

By the way, here you find some videos. Big thanks to you. The vintage hifi ambassador. Enjoy

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Hello dear friends.

Sudgen answered my request and one winner could be the Sudgen Sapphire DAP-800 preamplifier. I would connect it to my Naim Nap 250 power amplifier and then to my high efficiency Avantgarde Duo G1 horns.

Where can I buy a cable which fits 100% and what cable is it?
Thanks a lot.


I suspect it would be possible to get a custom cable made by your dealer or one of the usual suppliers of cables, Chord for example.

Thanks a lot. I’ll ask my dealer before I buy a Sudgen preamp only. Perhaps its better to buy a Sudgen integrated amp. Don’t know yet. Regards. HF

If you’re going to go down this route then as @paulbysea mentions, you’ll need a 2xRCA to male XLR cable made up. It needs to be wired as follows

Although the NAP250 has an XLR connector, it’s not a balanced input hence the use of the single ended (RCA) preamp outputs from the Sugden.

If you are going from Sugden pre-amp out to the NAP 250 in, then technically you will have two cables, one for left/ch1 and one for the right/ch2 channel which come together into one XLR at the Naim NAP 250 power amp.

Each cable should be RCA/phono from the ‘unbalanced’ pre-amp output to an XLR male plug for each channel at the Naim end. The XLR plug wiring at the Naim end accommodates both L/ch1 and R/ch2 channels, so you end up with sort of ‘Y’ cable, two goes into one. Your dealer should know this.

You should not be temped to use the XLR ‘balanced outputs’ from the Sugden as the Naim NAP 250 power amp is not compatible with ‘balanced’ signals despite what the visual appearances of the XLR connectors might suggest.

I see James just got in ahead of me!

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Great minds etc

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I don’t know about cables but a NAP90 surely!

Hello out there.
You all are amazing :slight_smile:
My dealer knows exactly what to do, with your help I myself could solder it.
But it will just be for fun, as the great news is that I fell in love again with my Nac 282/Nap 250.
One has to slowly upgrade to find out that what is standing in front of is the best possible combination. This was my way to realize the magic of all Naim components:

  1. Sudgen HA-4 with Rotel power amp with Bluesound Vault 2 (warm sound, details guitar, violines missing)
  2. CDX2.2 / XPS2 was not yet ready to connect
  3. Nac 282 with Rotel power amp → hiss and a little magic
  4. Nac 282 with Nap 250 with Bluesound Vault 2 lots of magic
  5. Nac 282 with Nap 250 with CDX2.2 / XPS2 simply amazing with The Corrs and Diana Krall

Kind regards.