Cable upgrade for Silent Angel Bonn 8 and Forester F1

Upgrading the interlink and or the powerchord for this switch and external power supply. Madness or a nice small improvement in SQ? Any experiences?

What do you mean by interlink?

Cable between Silent Angel and the Forester F1 power supply.

In that case I’d go for madness. Why not give some money to charity and make a real difference?

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That is what I think as well. But I read about someone who did this upgrade. Indeed where does it end? But then…the guy seemed serious. Anyway I give to charity for years already :wink:

But some beer then. Beer makes everything sound better.


Best upgrade there is for SQ !

I recommend the Oyaide gold silver dc, by Ghent. Not expensive and better than the cheap stock dc cables generally found.

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Is that beer? There’s lots of good beer in Gent.

But would that cable make a difference? Is it not too far fetched?

Yes, the cable is made with Gent hop. But no additional sugar.

I don’t understand what do you mean by fetched. Google was not a good friend this time.

Perhaps i used it wrongly. What I mean is it not just seeking minor improvement in SQ on micro detail upgrade level ? Perhaps not even to be noticed by human ears. I mean…upgrading a cable between a switch and its separate power supply (already a debatable upgrade for many people)

Your use of far fetched was perfectly correct.

As you are already having doubts about it, why not just forget it? You don’t need to be persuaded to spend money.

No and i am not going to spend money on this. But curious (and bored) that is all. Thx

The answer for <did anyone hear a change with this implausible thing> is always yes :wink:


I heard it personally. But yes, it was minor. However this cable costs 40 euros. So I think it’s worth.

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I don’t see why this would be more far fetched than the power cord on a NAPSC that doesn’t handle any signal whatsoever. Yet the possible improvement from upgrading its power cord is reported many times here and seems generally ‘accepted’. And is inline with my own experience too btw.

I have a Farad PSU on my EE8 switch. I got the standard Farad with upgraded fuse first and added their best Level 2 ‘DC interconnect’ and power cord later. The improvement was immediate and not difficult to hear.


Now you got my hesitating again :slight_smile: clear explanation but still…

There was a past thread where some people were surprised how better a silver dc cable improved the sound, vs a stock cheap one.
I think it was @Bluesfan specially.

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