Cable upgrade order

We’ve never had a DIN-DIN in system before, but have experience of SuperLumina DIN-XLR on 272/250DR.

Bang for buck, choosing between following 2 cables, which would have more influence on SQ in the opinion of people who have upgraded cables?

  • SuperLumina DIN-DIN nDAC to 252
  • SuperLumina DIN-XLR 252 to 300 (pair)

Approx prices are 1k and 2k GBP.

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From source to pre, my experience with chord signature tuned array. Between my pre and the 250 dr, the difference is less pronounced vs some entry level cable I had.

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Good answer, being the cheaper option :smile:

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All of them really need changing is the answer, but if only one then the source to pre first.
As after my experience of what a 552dr does to the sound, i think the better the quality you can keep from the source to the pre will result in a better overall result. As the pre is going to change the sound anyway

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Well next hardware steps would be an ND555 or 552DR or 500DR.

If you can find me one of those for 1k I’ll snap your hand off! :laughing:

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Hi Iain,
there is another option- Hi line.
Try it first and if something will missing, then try the s.l.
You might save nice amount here…

Having heard various cables, I am a big fan of Morganas. Testing them meant lots of back and forth, which reinforced the conventional wisdom on 2 points: the standard cables are pretty good, and near-source cables matter more than those further down the signal path.


Bang for buck would be some better speakers - maybe the Olympica2?
You soon have more expensive cables than speakers…

Other than that, source first.

Both is the best option, but starting with the DIN to DIN on the source if needs must. It’s a great upgrade, and the full loom of Superlumina is sublime and very immersive.

Given how good an upgrade it is, it will be interesting to see if Naim release new cables to match the new connections on the New Classic range.

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The weight of advice here is source to preamp connection before worrying about the pre-amp to power amp. I would agree. Whichever you choose, I would advise looking at the used market. You’ll find plenty of offers in all the usual places.


Oh absolutely, will be used. Our speaker cables, jumpers and previous SL interconnect were all as new but lightly used and at significant discounts.

Sounds like we’re looking for the DIN-DIN first.


My experience. DIN - DIN first priority between those options.

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We’re not concerned by our speaker cost as a percentage of system. Our 5 Powerlines, at current RRP, would cost more than our speakers. They were all of course sourced used.

In our room the Sonetto are most enjoyable. I always thought they were perhaps slightly light in the bass, but the 300DR changed that and they’re now wonderfully balanced across the piece. They work well with a wide range of musical styles.

We may choose to move on long term. Our local dealer carries SF so home audition of Olympicas would be possible, but the III would be a 12k investment.

At the moment we’re focused on maximising output from the current hardware, in the same way we did when we had 272/250.


I’m very happy with Morganas from WH.
The biggest improvement to SQ was the connection between source and preamp.

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I will be honest, this is the desired order. However, I had 1 & 3 in place first. I was waiting for an SL (Din to XLR) to come on eBay at a decent used price. When I finally replaced the OOTB Naim supplied cables between the pre-amp and power-amp, it was a massive difference. Much clearer and deeper bass / cohesion. I do find it slightly odd that Naim provide such very cheap cables when you buy a 40,000 pre + power amp combo. The OEM cost of those cables is peanuts…

  1. Source->Pre-amp (Chord Music) ~ ND555->NAC552
  2. Pre-amp-> Power-amp (SL Interconnect) ~ NAC552->NAP500
  3. Power-amp-> Speakers (SL speaker cable) ~ NAP500-> ProAc D38

Yes we had 3 first then 2 on a 272/250 (1 not required).

Now only have 3 due to box changes but soon to add 1 :laughing:

Can’t wait to get back to full loom.

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FYI. Tom Tom Audio mentioned on their instagram page they were trialling the super lumina balanced interconnects for the new classics.

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I’m also a fan of Morganas……there’s an article on the WH Blog that talks about cable upgrade order. Well worth a read.

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