Cables for 32.5/hc/135

Hi i have recently changed from EAR 859 then 861 to a CB 32.5/hc/135. Which i am very pleased with. I have had naim before - nait 2 both cob & olive 62/90 92/fc/90 72/180 32.5/hc/250. So am quite well versed with the naim sound. But i have to say that i am very impressed with the 135’s. I didn’t expect them to be this good. Anyway enough rambling my question is - i am using flashback cables for hc to 135’s, would Witchhat hatpin be an improvement and would Morgana be to much!!

I don’t know the answer. As the owner of a 32.5/hc/250 I am jealous of your 135s. Must be awesome.
What are your source/speakers?

Hi, yes they are very good. My source is a notts analog ace space (but soon to be hyperspace) and an innuos statement and dcs bartok. Speakers are recently repurchased avalon avatars.

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Unfortunately I am not familiar with any of those products but nevertheless I can imagine how pleased you must be.

Back to the question at hand…

I have an 82, Supercap and 2 x 135s. Using Flashback cables as they are well priced and good quality.

Cables are the icing on the cake. I got my system Fraimed and that made a big difference. Dedicated radial circuit and then upgraded cables for source, mains cables and power block.

I would Fraim first if you haven’t already done so, get a decent power block before changing your flashback cables.

The Morgana cables are very highly rated and not wasted on your top of the line system!

Hi Dan, thanks for the reply. Fraim is not going to happen- i have a good rack and i don’t like the design of the fraim. A dedicated power supply is in the mix when & if the floor gets replaced. Power block and power cables done so it only really interconnects left. I was hoping to hear from someone who’s compared hatpin(s) to Morgana with an indication of what the “better” cable provides. It’s good to know that the top line would fit the CB naim, i suppose the best thing to do is to buy & try.

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lazyscott, I have edited your opening post. Please note that discussion of unauthorised non-Naim SNAICs is not permitted. I would strongly advise that you only use a genuine Naim SNAIC between the NAC32.5 and Hicap.

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Hi Richard, sorry for the transgression

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