Cables for a simple system

I’ve amused myself this evening by trying to find the most expensive cables for a preamp and a power amplifier

First of all two power cables:

Two Bingo Bongo power cables: €72,000

XLR Interconnects: Jolly Good Crown interconnect 3m: €60,500 x 2 = €121,000

Loudspeaker cable: Even Better Speak loudspeaker cable (ONE) Five metres long: €87,725 x 2 = €175,450

That amounts to €368,450

Obviously I’ve made up the manufacturer’s names because I don’t want to upset Richard.

These prices make the Lumina range look inexpensive



I would say Marketing.
There’s a limit on ( notable) gains. Over that is … luxury

Crystal cables I presume.

I’d be interested to know what electronics they are known with. Not many boxes cost more than the cables.

At the back. Not really great set up cables care, specially with such expensive cables.

Magico, Avant-garde amps, DCS, crystal cables

While researching amplifiers a while back, I downloaded and read the manual for a Pass Labs amp.
Nelson Pass was featured in quite a bit of the manual, and at one pont he covered the quality of the connecting cables.
He said: The connecting cables should be of good quality, but they shouldn’t cost more than the amplifier.

I always thought this to be sage advice. I recently purchased a Hi-line to connect my NDS/SN2, and it cost far less than either piece.


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Actually not, Crystal cables are roughly one tenth of these prices…

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For that price my vote is MIT for the speaker cable. Not an audio cable, rather an audio interface, apparently. You do get a box of electronics in the middle of the wire though…


Don’t get sweetie started guys!


Too funny. A work colleague and I play the same game and maintain a list of the most ridiculous prices we find over time. You have left out ethernet cable … there’s some good examples in that category

Hand assembled from individual molecules?
Or perhaps the strands are hand chiseled from a massive block (of silver?) instead of drawn?

Just wondering what would warrant such prices.

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This smacks of putting a sports exhaust costing £45,000 on a VW Golf Gti…

You beat me here Mikey . Apart on 2 expensive power cables, my other cables cost less than Superlumina :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_thermometer:

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