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I am going to move the power amp sections of my Statement to a connecting room away from the main listening room. The main reason for this is due to mechanical hum from the power transformers. Naim suggested some bandages to remove the hum but I prefer to not add another device between the amp and wall mains. This creates another headache. I will need longer XLR interconnects and speaker cables to complete the system. I am pretty happy with a full loom of Chord Sarum Tuned Aray which was Chord’s top of the line back the in the day. Nowadays, Chord music is top of the line and Chord Sarum T second in line. Looking at current prices and weak Malaysia Ringgit, I am really hesitant. Chord music is out of the question. Even the Sarum T is also eye popping expensive. I have 1m XLR that needs to be swapped to a 3m pair. 2.5m pairs of speakers cables shotgun that needs to change to at least 5m in length. So, can anyone recommend something just as good at a more palatable price ?

Much appreciated in advance.

Its very difficult to recommend as your current cable will be difficult to match or better. The obvious question is why you do not use Naim Superlumina which was designed for the Statement amps?
Pesonally if i was you i would wait until I could afford longer cables of the quality of Chord Music or similar. The Statement amps deserve the very best, and i feel you will be disappointed with cheaper cables and end up upgrading later…at more expense.

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I think your solution is the bandage, and Naim’s might be the cure! (Albeit I am only guessing as to their suggestion.)

I can’t answer your specific question, however it may be worth considering addressing the problem rather than your thought for a work around, if not already done. Ttransformer hum is most commonly caused by DC on the mains. That is particularly likely to be true if the hum is variable, sometimes suddenly increasing or decreasing. There are two solutions for that, to remove the source of DC, or to block it. I am guessing Naim’s proposal may have been a DC blocker, which is an effective solution that numbers of people on this forum have done with success.

DC on the mains may arise from something else in your home, or my be present already on the mains supply. If the latter you can try complaining to the electricity supplier - they may have neither obligation nor interest in doing anything about it, but no harm in trying - while if the former you might be able to erradicate.

The way to start would be to turn off or disconnect everything electrical in the home apart from the amps (switching off all the circuits at the distribution board, or removing the fuses if a fusebox, may be the quickest to start with). If the hum is still there then the problem is the mains supply itself. If the hum has gone, then start switching individual things back on until the hum re-starts (again maybe initially by circuit), to track down which specific thing is causing it. If you find something, leave it off and carry on checking in case there is more than one. If you manage to identify specific causes you can then consider action, e.g. replacing or using a DC blocker on it/them.

It can be a bit of a faff, but if successful would cure the problem at source rather than trying to deal with the symptoms.

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Thanks guys for your very quick and detailed suggestions.

Superlumina is an option to look into for sure. When I bought my amps all those years ago, I wanted longer XLR interconnects for one of my components & was told that Naim only made the super lumina up to a certain length. I did not ask about the speaker cables though. Something to think about. Powerline also had length limitation.

Yes, it’s DC offset that is causing the hum. I am already on dedicated phase with separate breaker box…

Rather than buying a plug-in DC blocker, you might consider a balanced mains transformer. This could be hard wired into your dedicated mains circuit, and could be located well away from the listening room. Probably cheaper than those top-of -the-range cables, too.
Just to give you an idea, there is a UK company called Airlink Transformers who make them, but of course you will need something that conforms to your local regulations.

If that is a separate incoming mains phase, not just a dedicated distribution box connected to the same mains supply, then maybe it would eliminate anything causing it within the home (I don’t know enough about 3-phase systems to know if dc offset on one phase can affect another), meaning it must be on the mains supply. Otherwise if just a separate spur from the same mains that wouldn’t eliminate DC from elsewhere in the home.

If the DC is being generated externally to your house, then a dedicated main circuit will not stop the hum. I had same problem with transformer hum, bought MCRU DC blocker, now no hum :blush:

Just done some research - super lumina speaker cables about 1/2 the price of the Sarum T. Unfortunately, not much info on the superlumina XLR cables.

I have a few units of the AH! Offset killer

Did these have any effect, on the hum?

I have them on my active subs. Eliminated the hum. Bought additional ones for the amps but have not tried them on.

“Once you eliminate the impossible , whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.“
I personally, would give it a try on the amps. If that does not silence or reduce the hum, then the quotation above, must apply.

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