Cables free floating or ordered?

do you somehow order your cables behind the rack or simply let them float free?
some use cable ties, some no.
having a nds with its XPS, nac 282 with napsc and hicap dr, 250, cd 5i and a node2i connected with digital cable there is quite a number of cables going up and down, the lower the shelf the more the cables, till a total mess on the lowest floor, just behing the power amp, where speaker cables start from. as far as I know naim cables are not isolated, so there could be interferences.
do you apply any solution to minimise possible interferences?
this is the front of my system

If you re-organise your rack, that will help. Start with the biggest transformer at the bottom and work up to the smallest for the full size boxes.

Ideally only one component on each shelf and preferably, no stacking. Apart from the smaller components, where they can happily share the shelf.

The CD player should be on its own shelf, that way, you won’t have as many cables at the bottom.

Try and separate the signal and power cables, where you can.

With my system, I let the signal cables hang free, but for the power cables, I do use Velcro straps to keep them in some sort of order as the are very long. (Whether, right or wrong, it works for me. It’s in the living room, so there will always be some compromises).


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thanks, I think the idea of using velcro for power lines is great, as you can simpluy open them if you need to. Power amp has biggest transformer, so putting it at the bottom should be a good choice.
Honestly I use the cd player very rarely. I don’t use top shelf as the rack is in the living room and my wife asked so. what to say, family life needs compromises.

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DiggyGun has it pretty well summed up & is more or less in line with what I do.
Naim have the signals on one side & power on the other with most all the full case range, so this makes cable routing a more structured affair.
In my case I have my own signal cables made to the correct length so there is no slack (yes I know DIY cables is not something for all users for various reasons).
Power cables are run in a conduit thats attached to the rack as are some others such as FM coax. The Burndy hangs free. Speaker cables & ethernet are clipped to the rack.


NDS and Node 2i?

yes, one sounds well (nds), the other plays everything and uses anyhow nds as dac

this looks very nice! one naim peculiar question: how would you catalogue the connectors to the external power supply, that bring both signal and power?

do you apply any trick also for the bottom of the rack, where power cables meet the mains distributor?

The SNAIC cables carry the signal after the pre-amp, the power is 24vDC & relatively clean. But I consider them to be signal, My SNAIC cables in my photo are inside the right side conduit together with FM coax & a record out.

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Yes, PSU’s for SN & NDX & power distribution board with DC Offset filter.
SNAIC’s & Burndy go straight out to the rear of cabinet, the power cables are just made to run tidy as best as is possble.t

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Thanks a lot, you gave me very useful suggestions!

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I find that if the rack is appropriately sized, you cannot see that much between a shelf and the unit sitting on the one below. In fact nothing at all unless crouching right down on the same level as one specific shelf. And therefore, the rats nest of cables behind a rack is utterly invisible.

It tends to be an issue with fixed height racks with oceans of empty space to gaze into. As well as having the open space, their total height also brings the top shelf to eye level and therefore a clear line of sight through to the other side.

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Also best not to run power cords near signal cables try to keep everything apart. If cables have to touch best that they cross each other at right angles.

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