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Hallo anyone. Does anybody know about a good cable maker on demand? Many thanks.

What cable(s) do you need?

I’ve used Audio Sensibility in Canada and have been very pleased with a couple of custom cables for my headphone setup.

Depending on what you want, the obvious choices I’m aware of are BlueJeans, Designacable and Chord. Also try Futureshop, a cable retailer who can make up a wide variety of cables to order.

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Try Googling Mark Grant Cables.

I have used Blue Jean Cables to fashion custom cables on demand. They did a good job at reasonable cost.

CHC Custom HiFi Cables

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Posting links to 3rd party vendors is against forum rules. @Richard.Dane is going to delete it, just so you know.

What do you need?

Sorry to everyone. I should have specified. I’ve got me a Dragonfly Cobalt. To use it b/w tv set headphone output and my nap 3/5, already endowed with a din to male jack 3,5 cable made by the dear Dave years ago, I shall need a male jack 3,5 (tv set headphone output) to jack 3,5 female (end of Dave’s cable). Nothing complicated but I’ll be sorry to mistreat the dragonfly with a cheap cable. Hope to have been clear.

I used designacable a year or two ago and couldn’t fault the choice, cost or speed of delivery.


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I have to correct myself …. I need a connect, USB A female to 3,5 jack male. 10 cm or so would be enough. Since I’ll use it to connect my tv set via dragonfly cobalt to my Naim system, it has to be audiophile level. Many thanks and kind regards

You have a Dragonfly DAC with a 3.5mm stereo plug to DIN5 cable made by Flashback cables. This connects your laptop to the Naim amp with the Dragonfly used as a USB DAC.

It sounds like you want to use the Dragonfly with the TV which has a digital audio output. Unfortunately it’s not possible to use this output with a USB DAC.

If the TV has an analogue audio ouput via a 3.5mm headphone socket then you could use your existing Flashback made cable to connect it to your Naim amp ?

Yes James, that’s exactly what I’m doing at present. Flashback cable directly to tv set headphone output. I thought that using the dragonfly could improve the sound. You say it is not possible …. Don’t see why, sorry. Digital is the output of my iPad Air 5th, as digital is the output of headphone socket of tv set. It seems to me it should be just a matter of right cable. Or not?

You’re right in that they are both digital, but are different connection standards. Your TV outputs a S/PDIF digital signal either via an electrical or optical (Toslink) connector. Most DACs can work with these types of connections.

Your Dragonfly is designed to connect to a device with a USB port and so when you use it with your iPad, you use an adapter cable (Lightning to USB).

Whilst you can easily find converters that take a USB input and produce an S/PDIF output, it’s more difficult to find one that works the other way. They do exist (Mutec 1.2 for example) but are usually designed to work with the USB port on a computer.

The simple answer - You can’t use your Dragonfly with your TV unfortunately.

Dear James, I admit I’m quite puzzled by all you’re saying…… that’s not my field of knowledge, and on the other hand, that’s why I’m here …… I think I’ll have to trust you blindly. Or, I can always order a cable with the right hardware. And, if the software as you say is not compatible, I’ll give it back within 14 days. I’ll think about it. For the moment being, thanks a lot!!!

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