Cables on my mind…

If you’re asking me, I only know the NACA5 out of these 3. But the NACA5 is kind of a sure bet in any case.

Pete, you just nailed it again in exact sentiments as mine.

It’s not that we are gullible, unadventurous or set in ways.

It’s what sounds better to our ears in our own Naim systems and homes.

There are usually some tradeoffs for cable swaps.

Thanks for the response - I was asking everyone but failed to use the Reply button properly.

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One of the things that always attracted me to Naim, apart obviously from the performance, is the whole ‘closed system’ thing - that is of course, if you do actually view it like that. Some people might see this as a limitation. I always viewed it as a blessing, as I didn’t need to worry about interconnects, mains leads and speaker cables or even racks! Or about what to upgrade to - there was always in the past a clear upgrade path so that one knew very well what one’s next purchase had to be. Just a case of waiting a couple of years until the funds were there, and during that time one always enjoyed the existing performance and looked forward to a nice step up in the near future. My better half and I were both working full time then in demanding jobs and frankly I didn’t have the time or energy to do lots of auditioning. Spare time was a very precious commodity to be used for trips out to the countryside and such like. So it all worked out very well.

The situation now with Naim is perhaps not quite so straight-forward in that they offer a number of cable choices and because of the expanded product range I believe that there is no longer such a clearly defined upgrade path. Which is both good and bad depending on your viewpoint!

I wish we could have gone back to Naim in our retirement - it would have been lovely. But two things - firstly both my better half and I had set our hearts on the Klipsch Forte III speakers and nothing else would do! A real non-no with Naim amps. Secondly we could not afford the same level of Naim equipment that we were used to in our working days, and I think I would have always felt short-changed with a lesser Naim set up. It doesn’t seem to matter with the `Moon stuff as it’s a different kettle of fish completely, although it shares the same involvement factor as Naim. So there we are.

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Naim took the guesswork out for me and made it convenient to enjoy qualitative music at home - I just needed to trust, and pay my money, and the rest was up to my set-up and the room acoustics. So, exactly as per your feedback… :slight_smile:

I think that pathway is still very much present, Pete. Just Snaics, Naca 5 and SL…

Itch is a dangerous thing in hifi… I’ve learnt not to touch what ain’t broke, and to be contented. But for the fun of things, hell yes, everyone likes to tinker and explore in the hobby. :slight_smile:

That really has to be my approach now. Having spent a small fortune (to us) on our retirement system I just have to draw the line under it - or risk financial ruin! The itch to improve is still there for sure - I think as a hi-fi enthusiast it will never leave me. But I simply must resist!

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ha ha

Pete… never step into another hifi store, visit the Forum too often (it’s rife full of lovely poison), or drop in to a friend’s friend’s place to hear their systems… and just hibernate happily with your own system. That will help keep the peace with the bank account and significant half…

The times I strayed from hibernation really got me into all sorts of trouble, as I am in right now. LOL The word “resist” does not exist in Hi-Fi-land. Denial feeds my insecurities, “No you can’t afford this ever… keep it for the holiday and the family’s savings… yes, yes yes… you can afford this comfortably… just take the loan… money can be earned again… re-made in time… spend now, invest later and it will all come back…”

Heaven help me.

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Hi Phil,

My attitude has always been to provide for the future of course but also to enjoy life while you can. Music is important to us and hi-fi the means of bringing it into our homes. If we always ‘play it by the book’ then we’ll probably never get what we want. I’ve probably spent more on my system than was strictly sensible from our retirement fund, but we have enough, and moreover we have a lovely system that brings music to life. That’s really priceless in my book and brings us great enjoyment.

You never know what may be round the corner so I say ‘no regrets - enjoy your system to the full’. Life’s too short. Have fun my friend.


Agree with that - when I were a wee lad my parents always told me to save for the future - then mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and they couldn’t do the holidays that they saved up for - now dad has the money but not the companion to go with so he doesn’t bother!

We should all save a little bit to pass on - but life is too short so spend a bit as well and enjoy!


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