cables recommendation for naim 555

I am using a Naim 555 with a McIntosh C52 in HT bypass mode for stereo music and with a McIntosh MX122 AV receiver. Which type of cables should I use to hook up the 555 output to the respective units? And aside from the type of cable, any recommended brands?

Well Naim would recommend that you use a DIN>RCA. As for brands not sure if you can get a Hiline DIN>RCA but if not Chord will make something to order for you.

I would also suggest having a word with Chord. I use Chord Sarum T cables to connect PhoenixNet switch to ND555 and to connect ND555 and CD555 to Naim pre-amp. ChordMusic is the next level up/ top of the Chord range.


Oephi is also an option that can build custom naim cables at any length and version.

as does Ansuz Acoustics