Cables - WH Morgana - Blown away

Just upgraded to WH Morgana from the none too shabby Chord Chrysalis between Chord Qutest and SN1. The difference is not subtle and I am blown away even with the straight out of box experience.
If anyone has a a doubt of the value of quality interconnects, this proves it.
Improvements are across the board. Just need to get back to work instead of rediscovering music.

Interestingly with the Chrysalis, I couldn’t detect any obvious differences between the Qutest filter options. Now I can!


I’ve just installed my new WH Morgana and I’m pleasantly surprised. Burn in times around 10 hours apparently but mine seems to have taken like a duck to water.



Cables, schmables.


Yes on the price. As for confirmation bias, my better half is back from work and has also noticed the dramatic difference. She doesn’t know the cost :wink:


The real question is, which box did they come in? The nice wood type or the cheaper looking black?
Not that once fitted it matters. I’ve got a cupboard full of them. Well 4 boxes at least.

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But did your wife notice the difference from the kitchen?

That is the true objective test.


Ooohh…careful Nigel! :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I always admire a chap with cojones grandes


When you can spend £4000 on a FUSE (yes, you read that correctly), £450 on a wire seems positively frugal :grin:

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I suspect that people quantify in their own minds and ears the value the difference said cable makes to their own enjoyment and immersion in the music. No different to a high priced bearing or cartridge etc for a turntable or a more expensive CD player over a cheaper one. Its all a more expensive item that does the same job. We all judge in our own way. IME depending on systems then cables can make a dramatic difference to my own individual enjoyment of music. Expensive is not always best, its about system matching.


Interested to hear this as I’ve been toying with trying a Morgana I also use Chord Chrysalis between a Supernait 2 and a Chord 2Qute so our situation is quite similar.

I also have Witch Hat Phantom speaker cables I’m not sure I could justify £450 at the moment so will keep an eye out for a used set.

Thanks again nice post.


You could argue the same for an upgraded bearing for a LP12. Just some turned metal.
I agree it does sound crazy spending nearly 50% of the cost of the DAC on the interconnect but the sound quality is amazing.

This hobby of ours doesn’t come cheap if we desire the best sound we can get. Given the incremental improvement, the value is not that bad at all.


Discussing prices on anything will never lead to anything good. Let go.

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Arguing about the price or the performance of cables is pointless if one has not had personal experience


I did it multiple times over 3 weeks - I am not a good or quick tester. I also got opinions from those who did not know that I had changed them, and from one who understood that the old cables I was swapping back in were the new cables on test - she didn’t like them.

I can’t say that what I heard was too dramatic - smaller than adding a radial for my main supply for example, and some of it may be due to lots of boxes and my imperfect cable-dressing and shielded versus unshielded cables. I also fully appreciate the many variables and vaguenesses here. However, we all agreed that the ‘tartan-looking’ cables are a bit better than standard Naim to our ears - and we preferred the signal-only cables to HiLines.

As for how the price is justified, VFM is individual - how much SQ improvement per £. I reckon Morganas had enough effect that I didn’t send them back. If I were more broke (as I was when I got most of my kit), I would have done.

I have a Kore sub-chassis in my LP12. It is more basic in construction than a Morgana (or any) cable - not 'just a wire but ‘just a sheet of metal’. The profit margin (not that I mind too much) is probably bigger than WH charge too. In terms of SQ impact, I am happy with that too.


Yes let’s not go down that route too many hours are wasted arguing pros and cons.

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I can’t justify the expense, however I have Morgana’s on order. I also can never understand people paying £5 for a takeaway coffee

However, my cable is being paid for out of birthday/Christmas present money. With presents, I think it’s generally accepted to buy things that you cant justify.

A HiFi system will always have a single bottleneck, whatever you do. If your bottlenecks are you cables, then you are never going to get the best out of your black box upgrades. Of course the one advantage of the Morgana’s is that you can return them up to 30 days after delivery, so you can argue you are not taking much of a risk to try them.


My power supply and power cables are around 5000 euro

Have you tried the WHM cables?

I’ve been using 2 pairs of the mono din to xlr Morganas from Snaxo 242 to 300DRs for about 10 months now. I’ve been happy enough with them but curiosity got the better of me and I swapped them for the Naim stock cables which aren’t very well thought of. Two of us had a listen and surprisingly didn’t really notice any difference !

Trouble is it takes about half an hour to swap the cables as I have to dismantle the stack to access the back of the amps and memory retention is not what it once was. Not sure where I’m at now with these although I do think the Morganas look a lot prettier !