Cables - WH Morgana - Blown away

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I think what @steviebee means is that WH mention the connection options on their own web site, not in this forum.

According to WH, some of the beta cables were cryo treated, some not but all had low quality bananas. The production version will offer different connector (brand/quality) options.

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Thanks @Elfer. Exactly that - the reviews page at WHA website. Apologies for lack of clarity.

Does anyone know if the morgana interconnects are directional? I see there is an arrow on one end but not sure if this end should go into my Hicap or in my Supernait 3. It’s the 4 pin

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The arrow points in direction of signal flow so you want it to point to your baits power amp in, the 5 pin points from the pre out to hicap


Yup, I knew that. It’s why I questioned it. Apparently, it was just confusion in how something was stated.

You naughty boy :sunglasses:


Your SNAIC pictures will run afoul of forum rules. FYI

Yes, for line level interconnects and speaker cables. All those are fine. SNAICs are an entirely different matter. They aren’t just interconnects. They carry DC power between Naim components and forum rules are clear that posts about third party replacements for Naim cables that carry power (like SNAICS and Burndys) are strictly verboten. Third part SNAICs and Burndy post are against the forum TOS.

Personally, I am not a stakeholder in that rule (although I respect it), but my view on it doesn’t matter, and I’m really not trying to scold you or anything like that. I’m just letting you know as a FYI. You’ll learn of it soon enough. :slight_smile:

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Hi follow this diagram for the direction of the Morgana Interconnects and you should be good to go.