Cabling for NAC42 and NAP10

I stumbled across a NAIM NAC42 preamp and NAP 110 amplifier, and they are now mine!

I am not sure whether I will keep or sell, but what a need now is to find out what cables I need to a) connect a cd player (etc) and to connect speakers, and b) to source those. Seems to be a variety of crazy cables (over 1,000 bucks for some). Can any of you provide advice, info, particularly about sources reasonably priced available in Canada (Ontario).

These deserve the proper naim cables, so a source interconnect 5 pin din, (or you probably need 2xrca to 5 pin din), a couple of snaics between 42 and 110, and 3.5m pair of naca5 speaker cable.

The only lead required between the 42 and 110 is a Snaic4. Hopefully the OP has that already.

It’s important to use Naim speaker leads on these older amplifiers, otherwise damage may result. It the 110 has not been serviced in the last 10 years, this is very highly desirable.

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Of course a single snaic i was thinking hicap.

Dealers in Canada here[distance]=25&field_geofield_distance[unit]=3959&field_geofield_distance[origin]=&field_retailer_product_range_tid=All

Thanks, folks. OK. I have the interconnect between amp and preamp. I think I can find the interconnects to connect to a cd player or similar, but I’m stuck at the speaker cables. Can someone suggest a source in north america for the naca5 or what would be equivalent? (the originals seem awfully expensive).

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Older naim amps are best with naca5 due to the required levels of capacitance and inductance. And 3.5m (approx 12 feet) is the minimum recommended length for the same reason.

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Robert’s link above shows you the list of dealers in Canada, who can supply the cable. You want the proper stuff. Alternatively, Linn K20 would be ok and is cheaper.

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You beat me to it! Was going to add linn k20 is electrically similar to naca4 the predecessor to naca5 and will work out cheaper. Its worth considering getting them terminated with naim sa8 speaker plugs on at least the amp end.

These amps given their age will definitely benefit from servicing if that has not been done recently. They will otherwise not sound their best. Being in Canada there wont be any service history recorded by Naim.

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Would you have to remove the plastic clamshells on the SA8s at the amp end so that the pins fit, Robert?

No it should be the correct spacing for the 110 same as the current amps.


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