Calcutta Cup

Very pleasing so far. I do hope that I’m not jinxing the boys in blue by opening this thread.

England can’t seem to Convert Try’s so…:man_shrugging:t2:
Come on Scotland😁

Oops maybe spoke too soon :joy:

What do you expect from a kicker who can’t spell Eoin? :laughing:

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A little bit of bants with my Glaswegian wife during the game :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, flower of Scotland!!!

England looking pleasingly pissed off!!!

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Great match!

Both teams performed exceptionally, very exciting and congratulations to Scotland!


Woo Hoo​:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::scotland::scotland:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Very pleased for Gregor T, after he announced himself to the Rugby world on that very Twickenham stage all those years ago.

Have they done away with the forward pass offence.

Good match! I am just happy that England tried to play more quickly from the ruck and played far more attacking rugby. Still some aimless kicking for position rather than to create a contested high ball.

Some excellent tries from both sides. Van Der Merwe the swerver made the most of the space created by an excellent block on an England player at the start of the move… In general Scotland were impressive though.

I cannot be persuaded that Smith and Farrell should play together. Farrell defensively is fine but Smith needs runners to put into space at his side in attack. I cannot believe that England cannot find another 12, and use Farrell as a defensive swap for Smith if the game needs it.

It says something about how low England have fallen that I am happy enough to have lost an entertaining and competitive game to the Scots, at Twickenham.


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Well done lads!


Scotland played very well for the most part of the game. England didn’t. The last 15 minutes seemed very old skool for the team in white.

England did their best, but I can only agree with you.

Hmm…as you say, late-on Youngs (just for a change) kicking ball away in to the oppo 22 far from chasing players, allowing Scotland to kick back to touch and Chessum stupidly flopping over a tackled England player.

Once again, Scotland went around England’s defence and demonstrated England also have a profound defensive weakness in broken/open play, partly as they hang back 2 players for kicks, so the first wave of tacklers is out-numbered, as is the back-up.

Different coach, same stuff!

Next Year is another Year. Let us have our moment! :slight_smile:

Enjoyed the match, but not quite as much as the Ireland v Wales battle which preceded it! Ireland were scary awesome in the first half. Calcutta Cup match was much better balanced with that S African chap playing the opponents off the pitch!


Do you mean the true Scottish blue-blood, who just happens to have a trace of an Afrikaans accent?

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Sir Yes Sir!!