Call centres - non-call-back issues (rant warning!)

Over the last few weeks I’ve called various call-centres (BT/PlusNet/e-bay & others), with various promises made to return calls. My expectations have been low but…can but give it a go. Well, a trend appears to be emerging:

1- the calls never come
2- my moby vibrates once but doesn’t ring, indicating someone tried…not very hard it seems, probably just to record a missed attempt at their & my end.
3- e-mails then arrive saying ‘we tried but you either didn’t answer or your contact details are incorrect’ (of course these are the same used a when said organisation called back just a few days prior). Perhaps it’s the +44 in their systems which are serving to confuse?

The real irritant is (2), as I’m sure this is a trick to simply pass the ball back to me as the customer with the issue, which only converts my stance in to ‘full-on complaint mode’. A case of you wind me up, I’ll wind up your processes even more.

Anybody else out there experiencing the same in this (non) customer focused world?

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Our bugbear is that companies cannot be persuaded to use our landline despite multiple requests when arranging ring backs.

Mobiles don’t get reception here and there are a number of days I am working and unable to access my mobile but every company insists on leaving a message on the unanswered mobile and not using the landline whilst I or Mrs W sit at home awaiting the call. They have both numbers but never try both.

Anyway, online chat is generally the solution to these issues. Most companies run good systems now.


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Yes, I called eBay about a year ago and had a useful conversation with someone competent and audible.

I called eBay about a month ago and the line was so awful (VoIP gone horribly wrong) that I could barely hear the eBay agent - and the parts I could hear convinced me that the agent seemed to be more or less unable to speak English.

This was a number I got from my UK eBay account.

I assume that eBay have just decided to put people off calling them.

e-bay currently hold top of the table position for a recent e-mail which said (summarised):

  • Your account is under review, which may take 5 days to resolve – which blocks any release of funds to you. Meanwhile, you can continue to list/trade.

Sure, a deep chasm has just emerged (reasons not stated), which I could make deeper :frowning:

And it seems they tried to call too (not).

I suppose it depends how much you need that particular eBay account.

There aren’t any other auction sites with the same reach/population.

So the options are some combination of:

  • Get the account opened.
  • Open another account.
  • Give up on eBay.

Yes. Telehealth and teleeducation is next.

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