Calling all 272 owners!

It’s time to demand Naim on a successor to the NAC 272! Let us therefore unite in our demands for a successor as soon as possible, but no later than the spring of 2023! Sign this petition by pressing “like”!

Desperate Naim owner


‘Ear, ‘ear!


I think Naim is already fully aware of the pent-up demand for a 272 replacement. Many of the reasons for the delay are totally beyond the control of Naim. I believe that any new products will arrive for one or more of the post Xmas shows.

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That’s for sure, but still, Can we have your vote please?:wink:


It is coming I am sure. If you want it by spring 2023 no point signing a petition, it would need to have been in development for some time already if they were to release it then. My guess is we will have something by xmas

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The problem I see, is the backlog of existing products. I know of certain dealers now not wanting to promote Naim due to the extreme leed times.
I personally can’t see Naim entertaining a new product release until the existing backlog is addressed and normal orders can be fulfilled.

You are probably right popeye, but the problem right now is that far too few are signing the petition…:wink:

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You have my vote

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Wouldn’t the Atom HE be the “replacement” for the 272? That’s assuming that Naim will now focus on the “new look” for their products moving forward…. But I still prefer the classic black boxes with the green lights though.


Too late for me, but I hope you folks get the 272 replacement soon. It’s a key part of the product range that’s been missing for too long now.


I know there’s a lot of talk about the 272 replacement for years(?) but has Naim actually said/confirmed that there will be a successor at all?

If it comes, I wonder how it will be positioned. Below the NDX2/282 combo? The later now being the ‘entry pre-amp’ in the Classic line.


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Not really, 4-5 years ago they said they would start upgrading the 272 as soon as the then new NDX2/ND555 product started shipping.

If they can disrupt their separates line they should do it or their competitors will do it for them.

Until I have upgraded the DSM with the Organik update I have promised myself to look at any 272-replacement should it be announced. At the same time I am kind of getting addicted to Space Optimization …


I don’t think so since Naim didn’t mention releasing new products in 2022 from the financial report 2021

2023 will the 50th anniversary so hope Naim will launch something new

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So are we saying that existing 272 owners want to replace their current items? Or are they looking for a sonic improvement? 372? 572? S72?!

Or this just a case of a functionality upgrade?

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now :blush:


I would like it to be at 282 ndx level ideally. If not I may as well stick with what I have

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I am an ex-NAC272 owner… got fed up with waiting and Naim not giving a clear answer so went in a different solution… NDX2 + PS555 DR for the digital front end.