Calling all 272 owners!

We are just waiting for THE.


Not long now…



So, definitely, this is a 272 issue. What is strange is that the 272 can read 24/192 from my NAS, cable or wifi.
Maybe we will get a fix in a future firmware release for the 272.

There is Bob Hope and there is no hope😊


As a former NAC-N 272 owner … I also got fed up with waiting … changed my setup into a Naim Uniti Nova and am more than happy.

There will be a successor, no doubt (probably in a new styling with a matching power amp as well) but no way I want to spend these large amounts of money on hifi … :wink:


While there is no 24/96 subscription level for Qobuz, you can set this as a maximum level in the Qobuz app to reduce the traffic on your network.

I haven’t used Mconnect but I did find that using BubbleUPnP server, another popular workaround to get Qobuz on a 1st gen Naim streamer, there was no problem with hires material.

Are you using WiFi on the 272? That may not help either.

Just realised you own a Mac not a naim amp! So are you saying the Mac is a much more musical amp? Not tried one as no dealer local I assumed you were talking about naim amps! :relaxed: thinking of deleting my reply to you now as it makes no sense!!! Love to hear one I assume very different from accuphase? Although each model tends to sound different I went for the 380 because I heard it first V and it was in my budget.

Unfortunately, there will be no more firmware releases for the 272, Naim announced in the latest update.

There are many people in same same boat I am in. A 272 with an expensive power supply , in my case 555DR and a naim amp(250DR). We would dearly love to stick with naim in terms of the brand , it’s sound and the excellent backup provided by the company. The only thing missing is the upgraded streaming function to bring this NZ $30,000 investment into the modern world. We don’t want to leave naim, given the blood and treasure we have spent to get to this level of hifi excellence so please do not let us down.


I feel everybody’s pain. But unfortunately everything nowadays boil down to what bean counters say. I do hope I’m wrong and that there are still outfits that think and actually do otherwise for the sake of loyal customers…. :pray:

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@Marki Hi again, no please don’t delete anything on my account. Yes, I have a McIntosh running now and frankly it is for me, better than the Accuphase in my system, in my room and to my ears so all this is supremely subjective.
I have enormous respect for the Accuphase machines, especially for build quality and technology.

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This has been discussed before. It’s not a financial issue but simply that the hardware constraints of the 272 make future functionality constrained. There is an excellent thread on a workaround a member has devised - I’m sure a search should find it…

I don’t think Naim has announced this at all.

Naim has said they can’t put native Qobuz support onto the legacy streamers, but they haven’t said that other fixes to legacy firmware flowing from API changes etc have ended.

You may be right, this was what they wrote when I looked a little closer at the matter…

“We will, of course, continue to support the NAC-N 272 for bug fixes and other technical adjustments needed to keep customers enjoying their streamer as long as possible.”

I owned a 272/Xpsdr/250 Dr several years back now. I have also owned an Ifi Zen stream more recently.
If I still had the Naim combo today, I would buy an Ifi Zen stream as a source going into the 272.
The Zen stream has a digital RCA out, which would plug right into the 272.
For $ 500 Canadian dollars, the Zen stream is an absolute bargain.
This would give you Tidal,Qobuz, Roon into the 272 until an upgrade becomes available.
These 272 topics go on and on, while there are cheap solutions available right now.
I moved on from Naim, but one little magic box is the fix.:grin:
Not sure about the Qobuz though, since it is not available in Canada .


I did exactly the same with a Primare NP5 - and I’m very happy with the results (slightly improved sound and up to date functionality). Any 272 replacement would have to be extra special to tempt me to change.

SuperUniti, different device similar issue. I now have a choice of a Bluesound Node 2i or and RPi + Allo Digi One hat running Picoreplayer and Qobuz to front up my system to modernize it.

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RPI into a SuperUniti with a good quality digital output HAT and a quality RCA digital cable sounds excellent. That’s what we use as an office system to add digital services the SU lacks.

The SU is still a great amp.

We might eventually replace this with used 202/200/ND5XS2 but in no rush…

If you do that try and skip the 202 for a 282. The 200 particularly the later DR version powers the 282 superbly. Often get used examples on a well known auction site.




I think 202 would be the limit of our ambition to replace the SU in office. We’ve already got a 252 in lounge.

Probably makes more sense to replace with Nova than separates and save some cash.