Calling all 272 owners!

Perhaps the middle ground here would be ND5XS2/Supernait. Personally I would take a 202/200 any day in preference to a Supernait, but it’s still a great integrated amp and makes for a much simpler 2 box system which will be a bit less sensitive to setup. Still a nice step up from any Uniti.

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Heard the Nova with some really high calibre speakers - Titan 505/606, it really packs a punch.

I bet TalkSport sounds fab through 505s :laughing:

Possibly overkill for the office!

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R3 on FM on Nat 05 sounds sublime!

Just one more vote is needed to reach the minimum requirement of 50 votes, after that Naim are bound by law to meet customers’ need for a replacement for the 272! Not sure if the law has passed yet though?:thinking::wink:

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I don’t think 50 units represents a viable case for a new product :worried:

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I think they would be looking 1000…seriously…its a big development cost…

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I do hope the 172/ 272 streaming preamps haven’t led people down a dead end. Too late for me, but fingers crossed for those of you still waiting.

Interesting that on previous similar 272 threads several Naim staff have said streaming amps were still part of Naim’s plans, and “good things come to those that wait”, but nothing similar has appeared on this one. Maybe they are fed up of saying it, or maybe there has been a change of plans?

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There’s been a change of staff anyway. Focal/Naim’s Comms director used to post almost every day and often many times a day. No-one on the comms/marketing side posts at all now.


Indeed - Clare did a great job. Naim seems to have lost any recognisable figure head which is a shame. Hopefully that will change in the future.

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Yeah, Nova or SN with a streamer might be a better option. The 202/200 are not worth the effort in me experience.

We’ve been using the SU in the lounge for the last week and it’s still a very good amplifier. Sounds reasonably good with a bare NDX2 as source (digital out via DC1, SU as DAC). We’re thinking, as it was serviced in 2019, that we’ll keep it around.

I suspect adding an ND5XS2 (or some other low cost streamer) would suffice in the office, at least we’d have Tidal Connect/Airplay which are now the must haves for myself/SWMBO.

Did you compare ‘NDX2 - DC1 - SU’ to ‘NDX2 - analogue out to SU’ and found the former sounded better?

Nope! I’d expect the NDX2 to outperform the SU DAC.

We’re running NDX2 as digital out since it means no change in its setup when we move to final system. So we’ve started the burn in period with correct final config.

The SU DAC is similar to the 272 or NDX DAC. A lot better than 172 for example.

Running a bare NDX2 digital out to nDAC is almost identical to running an ND5XS2 to nDAC - it will give an excellent front end.

It’s an expensive way to get Naim’s NP800 streaming technology.

But it gives you a remote, a colour screen and the possibility of adding an external PSU - although adding an external psu to the NDX2 digital out would make it yet more expensive still.

We made a considered decision on NDX2 vs ND5XS2. Baby streamer is a dead end. NDX2 we could move 555PSDR onto it and maybe lose nDAC in future. Dealer happened to have just received a “spare” NDX2 when we were buying 252 so we went for it with a lead time of 1 day :smile:

SWMBO very keen on remote handset volume control via system automation to 252, we’re old fashioned. Screen is there but to be honest it’s almost completely useless for us other than flicking quickly between saved internet radio stations! It’s set off during playback.

Not too convinced adding a power supply to NDX2 when used as digital transport would be worth the cost? Anyone done it and found a SQ improvement?

I don’t recall anyone doing that, although someone somewhere must have tried it if money was no object - but then why not just get an ND555?

Not when you add a DAVE to the ND5XS2


Yes but for that money you could have an actual NDX2 and not have to have any of that sci-fi odds and ends bits and pieces rubbish-looking stuff in your listening room.