Calling all 272 owners!

Having all matching case frontages and green logos is part of the reason we’ve been keen to finish our classic based system before the lineup changes style. Eventually convinced SWMBO to allow 6/7 boxes into lounge (subject to a nice rack) but she’d draw the line at a mishmash.

I’m not sure on roadmap for the 300. If we don’t get there in time for current classic there’s always lightly used.

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I dont look at the kit when listening :grin:

Having spent a fair while at my dealers trying to convince myself that an NDX2 sounded better than an ND5XS2 as digital transport, but both eventually gave in and conceded that we could hear no difference.
Not to be put off, he then got out the ND555 and tried that and we had to concede that there was a small improvement. Not nearly enough to justify it as a digital transport of course, but the difference was there.

Initially we were using a SN3 into Kudos S20s that he happened to have set up, but just in case this wasn’t revealing enough we repeated the experiment with his 500 system which is where the difference eventually became apparent.


Was that with Dave as a DAC at the demo?

Yes, sorry I should have said that this was all using Dave.

That would push the cost up a bit for us. ND555/555PSDR as a transport into nDAC/555PSDR as a DAC :laughing: I think we’ll settle for bare NDX2.

DAC options are interesting, trade 555PSDR for Dave, Weiss 502, A.N. other. Or stick with naim. Wife will say stick for looks alone.

I think ND5XS2 + nDAC is about equal to a bare NDX2. NDX2 + XPSDR is definitely better than either, and using 555s is apparently better again, but you don’t have to do either to get good sound.


We’re about to rack up NDX2 into nDAC/555PSDR so we’ll see how that goes.

Longer term we will experiment with NDX2/555PSDR. There are literally hundreds of forum posts on the NDX2/nDAC face off and whether 555PSDR is suitable for nDAC.

We’ll listen in our room with our speakers to decide what we keep.

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Naim DAC/555DR sounds sublime tonight.


Looking good, we’ve also gone for a Quadraspire rack.

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Richard, could you please hand over our petition to the proper authorities at Naim Audio and explain that the pressure from customers is now so high that they must come out with an answer?

Thanks in advance from all 272 owners :wink::blush:

Correct. But the NDX2 to Dave would be better as the NDX2 is a better transport than the ND5XS2.

Is it worth the difference in price? That’s an individual decision.

Patience. My little finger says your wish will be granted…

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Is it ? As a transport there should be little difference between the two.



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I had a ND5XS2 and NDX2 at home and tried the digital outputs feeding an nDac. The NDX2 seemed slightly better however I also tried NDX2+555PS into nDac and to my ears there was a big uplift in the quality of the NDX2’s digital output when the 555PS was connected.

That was the first jazz cd I bought.

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It’s the Jarrett LP I enjoy most - and I play something by Jarrett most days.

@Ardbeg10y - there’s a discussion about that concert/album here:

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I’ve the Koln concert on a duo LP. I should inbox the turntable and give it a listen again.

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This could be explained by the reduction in noise flowing around inside the NDX2 because of being powered by the external psu - plus some uplift due to the improved supply of electrical energy flowing from the 555PS compared to the internal psu.

The EM noise within an NDX2 is arguably greater because it has a larger internal psu than the ND5XS2, and because of all the extra circuits the NDX2 has, e.g. for the colour screen and remote.

Did you try the 555PS on the nDAC?