Calling all Scousers: Tips for visiting Liverpool

Liverpool is no better or worse than any other major city for car crime. Just use common sense as you would anywhere else eg, use main car parks where possible, well lit areas in streets and don’t leave anything of value visible in the car. Or ANYTHING at all.


Are you a Blue then Dan?

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Visit the library in town there’s a lovely period place.
Premier Inn on Albert Dock opposite the Beatles museum is very good

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Another vote for the Premier Inn at Albert Dock. If we stay there, we go to the little tapas bar opposite, called Lunya, for breakfast, as they do great coffee.
Our other favourite is Hope Street Hotel, up by the cathedral.


Well up there though.

Not a good night to be owning up to that then :joy:


I’ve probably jinxed myself now. I’ll take the train for the next few visits! :rofl:

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Aldous Harding is always superb.

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Having grown up and gone to school near Liverpool in the 80’s I used to regard the place as a dump but having worked and lived there in the early 90’s at the start of the regeneration I would now say that it is my favourite city in England.

It’s undoubtedly one of the worlds great cities with a wealth of stunning architecture, history, art, culture and music to be savoured.

Some must do’s in my book include:

Visit the Beatles museum in the Albert Dock
Dinner at Gusto in the Albert Dock (preceded by drinks at the Pump House also at the Albert Dock)
Visit Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and Woolton Church to see the grave of Eleanor Rigby at the Church where John and Paul first met
Book the private National Trust tour of the Beatles homes - one of the best things I have ever done!
Visit the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals (both amongst the world’s greatest), make sure you get on the roof of the Anglican for stunning views and plan a lunch stop at the Philharmonic Pub near the Catholic which is just superb!
Visit St Georges Hall - one of the finest buildings in England, it makes the Acropolis in Athens look unimpressive.
Make sure you see the pier Head and Cunard India and Liver buildings - superb architecture, maybe combine with ferry across the Mersey.
Take a trip to the Cavern Club and walk up Matthew Street - ideally go to the club at night and be amazed at the atmosphere.

I wouldn’t be worried about my car in the slightest and Liverpool is an absolute joy to drive around compared to London, Manchester, Cardiff and many other cities. Little traffic, easy to navigate and easy to park.

Best of all you will find LIverpool one of the friendliest cities you will ever visit. I absolutely love the city and you are frankly in one of the world’s great musical cities so savour being in the birthplace of the greatest rock band in history!



Don’t you mean better red than blue?

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Putting in 5 was more than adequate compensation though … :wink:

Let’s hope they don’t call last orders on Silva - I think you are under-rating him. He should be given more time. Lots of it … :joy::joy::joy:


Great post Jonathan, the city has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years. There has been a lot if investment. I don’t know anyone who has visited and not enjoyed it.

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I need to give that one a go then.

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I’m not a Scouser so I find that that Sefton Park and especially Lark Lane are very pleasant.

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Lots of great info here, so my wife and I thank you.

Are there any vegan restaurants in the city? And what’s the best Indian place?

I don’t want to jinx it, so let’s just say that we look forward to the trip – if Liverpool win the league.

For Indian I would recommend Mowgli, there’s one on Bold Street and I think the other is on Water Street. Originally it was only going to be a one outlet venture, but has proven so successful they are branching out all around the country. They are always full, testament to the quality of the food and service. I would advise to book if you intend to visit, although I’m not 100% sure if the one on Bold St takes bookings. Well worth a visit.


2nd vote for Lark Lane. Nicest place to live in Liverpool.

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I spent a couple of years in Liverpool in the '80s. It was in the aftermath of the Toxteth riots, and in many respects the city was on a bit of a downer, but I was lucky enough to live in a house very close to Lark Lane, and I really enjoyed the area.

In Liverpool with my wife for a couple of days Christmas shopping and went to the Cavern Club for a few beers last night. Absolutley AWSOME and highly recommended.


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