Calling Audi car owners - Spotify

My wife has borrowed her parents Audi A4 Allroad for our holiday trip as our car is in the garage.

We are able to connect our I Phones via Bluetooth to the media centre but we are unable to get my wife’s Spotify to play any music to it. I have made some
initial searches on the web and there seems to be a general problem doing this.

We are using an IPhone 11 and the Audi is about 6 years old.

Are there any clever Forumites who know what the solution is, if there is one?

Think you need to plug your iphone via cable to the car. Spotify will then appear in Apple CarPlay.

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Have u downloaded Spotify play lists to your phone so u can play offline? And does the a4 have Apple CarPlay?

I am new to Audi and I don’t use Spotify.

First thing then, the car does not have Apple Car Play on it and my wife does not have Spotify play.

Do you suggest getting Spotify play anyway…to start with, Jonny?

Hei Neil, which type of cable would that be?

My kids are the Spotify users, they can download a playlist and use offline whether by blue tooth to the car or via apple car play, we subscribe to Spotify premium which allows this

Ok, thanks. I will check that out.

I have an audi of similar vintage - I have my music on an SD card which goes in a slot (in glove compartment).

Alternatively if I select Bluetooth as the source in the Audi menu I can play whatever is playing through the phone via the car??

Thanks Svetty.

The SD card would be the way to go if I can’t get the Bluetooth method working.

Hi an iphone charger cable with the large usb plug, not usb-c.
Does yiur car have a usb socket?
My audi is 3 yrs old and has 2.
However if your audi doesnt have apple car play, then this may not work.
The SD card or USB stick may be your best option.

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The USB connectors in the A4 are in the arm rest. Open it up and they should be at the back.


Cheers chaps, will check them options out again. I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck today, so I am trying to get that resolved first.

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Ok, we managed to get the cable method to work after some fiddling. Thanks for all your help chaps.

However, we don’t need the car now as the strike action at SAS looks to be resolved and our flight to Croatia is ‘Scheduled’ for Thursday…fingers crossed.

Our plan was to drive the 2600km’s from Oslo to Kortula with two overnight stops, taking in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Slovenia…and perhaps passing a few firestorms along the Adriatic Coast.

Always one for being the optimist, and having the music on hand, I was quite looking forward to it, but I am now glad we are flying.


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