Calling Superuniti owners who upgraded

I currently have a Superuniti with Focal Aria 926 speakers. It’s a great combination but feeling it’s time to upgrade. I like the all-in-one solution the SuperUniti offers, so the Nova is an obvious choice, but I wonder how much of an improvement to sound quality this would be.
With that in mind, I wonder about upgrading incrementally first adding a NAP 250DR to power the Super with a view to swapping this for a NAC 272 replacement product when it;'s launched (presuming this will happen in the next 18 months). Then running a two-box system.

What would I notice in performance if I added a NAP 250DR to the SuperUniti’s performance? Would it be significant?

I am also looking to step up the floor standing speakers. I like the Aria range a lot and for my fairly large listening space, I wonder if the Aria 948s might give me the most bang for the buck. The Kantas and Sopras are a good deal pricier, though clearly superior products.

Are there any floor standers up to £5k that you recommend that have scale and presence - not too bright either.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Upgraded from SuperUniti to NAC-N 272 and 250 DR, never looked back.

Have heard the Nova at my dealer, albeit post the above upgrade and whilst undoubtedly a class act, I wouldn’t exchange for the above, unless a single box solution is essential.

Speakers are PMC 20.23’s.

An audition is the way forward, preferably at home.


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Like Dr J, I upgraded from an SU to a 272/250DR. That was four years ago and I still remember the impact of the change. It’s like the music was back. The 272/250 is just so much more musical and engaging, a whole world away from the SU. Interestingly I was using the PMC 20.23 at the time but it coincided with an opportunistic upgrade to my beloved SL2s, which cost me £2,100. No way would I spend £5,000 on new speakers: I’d get some used ones for £2,000 or so and get a used XPSDR to power the 272.


I recommend comparing both the 272/250 and the NDX2/SN3 if this is your long term plan. The 250 will deliver more current and drive to the speakers, but the NDX2 is a better source and if the SuperUniti is driving the speakers okay, then the SN will do a lot more anyway.

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Do you use a power line? If not I found that was a a nice little uplift in performance, clearly not in the magnitude of a 272 but significantly cheaper and something that you can keep with future upgrades.


Thanks. Yes, I have been using the PowerLine for some time with good results.

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I auditioned a Nova but prefer the sound of my Superuniti to be honest. More engaging to listen to, so more enjoyable IMHO.
272 + 250 if you don’t mind a 2 box solution.

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I too went from SU to 272/250DR and enjoyed the lift in SQ, however in your case, I would just upgrade the speakers. Arias are entry level and your SU deserves so much better. You shouldn’t even look below Electra if Focal is your thing but there are so many choices. Buy a decent power cable as well as Naca5 for the speakers.

Looking back, I could have lived with my SU very happily, with just a few minor tweaks.

Fire away.


I went from a Superuniti to a Nova, massive upgrade in all aspects. I demod a 272/250 against it and whilst it was better there wasn’t much in it, certainly not the price difference, plus the Nova is future proof as it is a new product. My speakers are Naim Allaes connected with NAC A5 cable, couldn’t be happier.


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I originally had a Superuniti and added a 250dr to it in 2015. It was a revelation, with a much clearer and more sprightly presentation. The timing of the music was greatly improved. The SU is a great all in one but tends to a relative sluggishness compared to separates. So you will never regret adding a 250dr to a Superuniti. In fact it may be all you ever need.


something unusual.

to my ears Nova tramples and walks all over the Superuniti…

The Nova is scarily good

I say scarily because it does make me pause and think if I really needed more than a Nova.

And to my ears I don’t


I upgraded from SU to Nova and agree that the sound quality improvement was significant - way more than I expected. I also heard Nova versus 272/250 in the Naim factory dem room and whilst the separates were a bit better it was by no means night and day. Even though I could afford it I have no intention of going back to separates as the Nova is more than good enough for me.
Clearly other people believe the difference is more significant than I do so you really need to do the dem - any dealer will oblige.


Once the upgrade bug bites it’s very difficult to control. I was happy with a Mu-So then a Nova and now SN3, NDX2 and PSs.
I’ve limited myself to one rack and am happy at the moment.
If you’re happy with a one box solution don’t go anywhere near a dealer or the bug will get the better of you.


I guess it comes down to personal preference but, to me, the SuperUniti has a certain connection to the music. The Nova, whilst extremely good, presents the music in more of a “bells and whistles” or “baubles and tinsel” approach.
I found I preferred the musical engagement of the the SuperUniti, the way it draws me into the music.

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I enjoyed my Superuniti, but I enjoy my separates system so much more. I went to NDX/282/200DR, but I could have been happy with NDX/Supernait on a more limited budget. I spent quite a bit of time listening to various options at my dealers, and consistently found separate NDX based systems to perform better that 272 systems at the same budget. At the time I was hoping a 272 would win, as it means simpler cabling, and a better volume control, but I went with what my ears told me was the best sound for my budget.


Thanks all. Great advice. I do think a speaker upgrade for me is a big part of my moving on up, so to speak along with the power amp addition. Focal Kanta 2s an obvious model to demo, if only I could learn to love the design. Much prefer the Sopra n2 but clearly a big price hike.

Anyone heard the Kef R11s? About my price range and I see they are well received by the press.

I’m in exactly this place at the moment. I’ve had a SuperUniti (fed from a Core (using a NAS as a store)), with a set of Epos ES12’s (which I bought back in '96).

I’m considering options - adding a 250DR is probably the first step, then either a 282 / NDX 2, or a Nova. The only hassle is that the local distributor doesn’t have much in the way of stock at the moment, so it’ll be a few months before I can listen to the difference.

In the meantime, I’m going to have a listen to a pair of Dynaudio Special 40’s and see how they compare to the Epos. I had a listen to some Kanta 2’s just before Christmas, and felt that the bass was a little uncontrolled (although the dealer’s network was having problems that day and the streamer wasn’t running smoothly).

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Maybe demo active speakers such as ATC 19A at under £5K, run from SU preamp out, in time swap SU for a 272, eventually add a power supply

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Thanks. Yes, I’m not close to a dealer with a broad range of speakers so that makes decision-making tricky. A nice problem to have though as half the fun is the journey.

That’s a good alternative I hadn’t considered. Thanks!