Calling Uniti Atom / Asset UPNP users

… specifically those who use the Random Album Jukebox container.

When I access Asset via various other UPNP remote / controller apps, the Random Album Jukebox refreshes with new albums every time I go backwards and forwards in and out of the container.

However on my Naim app (Android) this does not happen. I have tried various degrees of severity for force a refresh. Back various levels, closing the app completely with a swipe up etc

Does anyone have a system / workaround to get this refresh to take place ? I don’t think there is anything I can do at the Asset end as all the other apps I use work as I wish with a refresh every time.


I have managed to sort a workaround so in case this is useful for anyone else …

No need to close the Naim app, but just clear the app cache. When you go back to the up come out and select “Jukebox Album Selection” again and you will have a refreshed list of random albums.

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I get the same behaviour with my Qute (and presumably the rest of my Naim streamers!). I’m not quite sure what you’re doing to clear the app cache - can you explain where to find this?
If you’d asked me about this before I tried it out, I’d have been certain that the Jukebox Track Selection would have brought back a different 500 each time - certainly after closing the Naim app and re-opening. It makes me wonder whether I’ve always been wrong on this or whether this has changed recently.

Doesn’t update for me when I go in and out just like nwpsys described. Asset 7 (Trial) on Qnap, Nova, Android 10, latest app

Not ignoring you, Gavin. For some reason notification of your post did not arrive.

Clearing the app cache on Android can be done in several ways but this is how I do it.

  • Long press the Naim app icon and choose App info
  • Tap on storage and cache
  • Click on clear cache

When you go back into the Naim app, if you straight back into the Jukebox container, then go back one step and choose it again to get a refresh.

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