Camera DLSR, has anyone switched to mirrorless?

There are always rumours - they don’t always materialise! (Or sometimes they take years.) I’ve haven’t heard about 75Mp, but I have come across a rumour of 100Mp, but unlikely for a while. My guess is that the 50 Mp sensor from the 5Ds would seem an obvious early addition to the range before that. Meanwhile the rumour mill suggests one or two more consumer-oriented models first to help promote lens sales.

I’ve been very tempted to ditch my Fuji and lenses, and just stick with the Q. It really is a work of art, and unlike other Leicas I’ve meddled with in the past, it’s got none of the annoying quirks that some of its fellows have. I bought mine when they first came out, and it’s now worth quite a bit more than I paid for it. Not that I’ve any intention of selling, mind.


Totally share your point. Except that I switched to Lumix GH3 with m4-3 sensor like to Olympus. I took the GH3 because of its dust and splashproof body, and the m4-3 format because not only the weight of the body (not that much for the GH3) but for lenses is much less. Even though still happy, I consider to upgrade to G9.
Additionally I doubt the trend implementing more and more pixels. Requires resources: memory card, NAS, processing power on PC … and then to be displayed on a 2K / 4K monitor / TV. Simultaneouly the source has its limits in the laws of optics, in particular diffraction.
I guess FX format has its right when depth of sharpness is always the criteria pictures are adjusted at, or somebody makes use of extensive post processing (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, other products) and want to rely on officially released camera settings used during the post process, or is a professional fotographer (one told me once that he is forced to always used latest high-end stuff otherwise he is not taken as serious despite it doen’t make sense in most cases). Or, simply wants it.

Moved from Nikon D300 bodies and Pro lenses to Olympus OMD-EM1 with Pro lenses. The picture quality is better and the camera and lenses are so much lighter and compact, the ergonomics make it fit my hand perfectly. I now carry one small bag with everything in it rather than a huge heavy bag and then the wife is grateful as she gets to carry it when I am taking photos!!

Only just learnt there is a Canon RP fullframe mirrorless. Smaller and lighter than the R, it apparently is similar to 6Dii DSLR (same sensor), aimed at that level of consumer, slightly cut down in space from the R.

This from
“This is a remarkable feat of engineering, effectively cramming the power and performance of a 765g 6D Mark II into such a tiny 485g body while also adding 4K video and mirrorless benefits such as an EVF. A capable full-frame mirrorless camera for £1,399 is hugely appealing for anyone looking to upgrade to a larger sensor, especially one that retains the size and weight of the APS-C bodies they’re already using. Indeed, the EOS RP’s compactness might even make it more appealing than the EOS R for photographers who need to stay light and nimble.”

It is all down to auto focus, currently for fast moving subjects dSLRs have a distinct edge when using phase detection auto focus. Contrast dection used my mirrorless or in Live View is much slower.

Now, that’s an alternative. A cheaper second camera for ease of use keeping the Canon DSLR for special occasions.

Thanks IB for the heads up :blush:

I took my EOS R with me at the weekend visiting my pro photographer friend. He had a little play and said it felt good in the hand, though rather small compared to what he is used to (1DX and 5Dii with vertical grip). A few shots with it compared to his cameras confirmed great image quality, though not a major shootout nor test of all levels of detail etc.
And I had a chance to play with some other lenses on the R, including:
100-400 f/4.5-5.6L, which is on my shortlist for the future (though it would be good if available in RF fit so not needing adapter);
85 f/1.2L (which has been announced in RF fit)
TS-E 17 f/4L.

All were rather nice, and handled well with the R, despite having to use the EF adapter making the R as deep as a 5D (though still lighter), i’ve never used a Tilt and shift before, but I’d like one!

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Forgot to add, he had previously been quite critical of mirrorless cameras he’d seen before due to lag on the viewfinder, pleasingly saying he didn’t notice any with the R.

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