Can a CD damage your speakers?

Interesting. I’ve found two versions on Tidal, and played them both, but I personally cant hear that hiss. Are you referring particularly to the end of the track past 7.5 mins? There does seem a lot of echo on the drums though.

In case it is useful, I have the same 5 CD Wayne Shorter collection box, played it many times, I happen to remember there is a bit of distortion in several places, I may play it again and report when I am back home in two weeks.

I also remember there are many funny noises from studio and instruments on those CDs, this may be disorienting or unbearable, depending on the day. I find this interesting and enjoy myself.

But ultimately I believe you can not damage a speaker playing distorted tracks or other noises, unless the volume was unreasonable high.

May be you damaged your brain, I hope only temporarily.

I suppose you can if you throw them hard enough.

@GadgetMan in different occasions I found the same album in different versions both on Qobuz and Tidal (so it’s not only with Shorter’s albums), I’ve always wondered why. Sometimes I tried them and felt not differences, other times there were big differences (the one I recall now is the first version of “Simply Red - Picture book” from 1985 vs. the 2008 version). Generally speaking I’m referring to the sound of the saxophone. At first it seemed perfectly fine but then after sometime it became impossible to listen to.

@Rafael I’d be glad if you wanted to share your experience when you come back home. A bit of distortion is not relevant but I found it pretty bad and affected many tracks. My amp volume was at around 9-9.30 (surely not more than 10), it’s neither low or too high.

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I played my 5-CD box uneventfully, which will not be of any help to you.

But how good Wayne Shorter is, for ever!

How is developing the situation? Any improvement?

Intrigued I gave Soothsayer a go on Qobuz. Have to say it sounded great. Certainly no hiss/distortion.
The last time I had ‘hiss’ was when I realised my amps needed a service. Sorted by Class A Darren.

Thanks @Rafael for your test. I’m glad you didn’t experience any issue with those CDs.

Maybe the problem is highlighted by my setup as high frequencies could be enhanced by my speakers (Totem Sky Towers), my cables (Nordost Blue Heaven and Red Dawn) and my acoustic treatment.
Generally speaking I still hear that terrible hiss at times but it got much smoother thankfully (tweeters must have been stressed a lot, maybe they mechanically recovered?!?) .

I didn’t play Shorter’s CDs since then, I have to say I’m a bit scared. And that’s such a pity, I do like his albums a lot! Soothsayer is great, it just didn’t sound good unluckily. @twofifty I suppose Qobuz uses a different master. My amp has been used a lot, but it’s only 5 years old. I hope it doesn’t need anything for a while.

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