Can a NAS or a Unity Core connecter to an Ethernet port on a router be seen on the home WiFi network?

I had a puzzling chat conversation with a support person on Verizon’s site. I have a Verizon Fios router and a Fios Extender. I asked if a NAS connected with an Ethernet cable to the Router or the Extender will be visible on my WiFi network. He said no it would not. That doesn’t sound right - specially if the NAS is wired to the router!

Can anyone advise if this is right?

Very strange support person - I see my NAS over wifi on my Windows-10 laptop & up & down load & edit this way.
There is no difference in that regard no matter wifi or ethernet

That’s what I thought. Would that also apply to a Uniti Core (still tempted to go that route rather that the admittedly cheaper NAS)

The Core or other NAS would obviously need a wired connection to your LAN. From there you can have one or more wireless legs to other devices such as a computer to view the files, or an iOS device to control it. You can even have a WiFi leg between the router and a switch to which the Core is connected, and it would still work fine if the WiFi signal is robust.

Thanks. That was my thinking either. I think the Verizon support person on the chat line was just not up to the job. He had to consult someone three times when I kept expressing surprise at his answer.

If it’s like the uk then it was an Indian somewhere in India at a call centre and didnt know what they were talking about.

Ignore him. He didn’t know what he was talking about, sadly.



Hah ha. I’ll ignore the stereotyping!

Well I’m an Indian though in the US right now :-)! But I know what you mean. From the name he gave me he was an Indian and its obvious he was ignorant on the subject. Fortunately I’m a slightly more clued in Indian :laughing:

Sorry didn’t mean to berascist

What is your issue though?

If you are running windows and the nas does not show in the network section, this for me is not unusual.

Download something to check your lan IPs such as ‘Net Analyzer’ for iphone or android, then run it. It will return all your IPs on your local network, search through and your nas will be listed. Back in windows in the network section, in the address bar type two back slashes followed by the nases IP and it should show the shares, you can proceed to map those shares to make it easier next time.

I don’t understand what you mean by “this for me is not unusual”

I’ve been on Windows from the get go with my steaming, my NAS is always visible.
Screenshot shows File Explorer view, NAS in the Windows ‘Network’ section & also in the mapped ‘music (\NAS) (N)’

I’ve got both PC and Macs and my NAS (along with my Unitiserve) is alway visible on my network.

Hey thats great for you.

However its well documented that various SMB protocols and the constant updating of windows 10 can lead to some things simply not showing on the network even though they are there. Or showing but when clicked asking for passwords which were not set etc.

I was simply providing some assistance if that was the case on this this occasion.

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My NAS sits with my system and links back to the router via an airport express (different floors) and it is all seen on the network with no problem.

I know. We all make these kinds of remarks :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered a Verizon Fios Extender and hope it works with the Uniti Core I intend to buy. If not I’ll have to to link it to the router and just enjoy the stronger WiFi on my upper floor from the Extender!

There is often a setting on the wifi configuration of routers which effectively isolates wifi clients from seeing other clients on the network and prevents other network clients from seeing the wifi client. For security reasons one may want to allow wifi clients to get the the internet but not anywhere else on the network. This may be what the Verizon guy was talking about and it may be a default wifi setting on the router, which could be changed.

Out of interest, why do you particularly want a Core? It won’t make better CD rips than your laptop and won’t sound any better than a decent NAS running Asset or Minimserver. It has inflexible metadata capabilities. It does of course have a fancy box.


That’s a brave call, you may get sent to the naughty corner for that kind of heresy.

He is correct though