Can an NAP S1 115v be switched to 230v?

My S1’s occasionally cut out when I’m rocking the house. I’m assuming they’re current starved. Wondering if feeding them instead with a 220v 20a dedicated circuit would help.

Or is the voltage fixed from the factory?

I think the Statement can be converted to 230V but it’s most likely something that will need to be done by the distributor or back at the factory. You should speak to your dealer or the distributor.

However, I’m not sure that will cure your issue here, and considering the power available (1450w/channel into 4 ohms and peak “burst” power of 9000W) there may well be some other issue in the system that is causing the cut out. It could be a thermal issue triggering the thermal trip system. Is there space for plenty of cool air to be allowed to flow over the casework/heatsinks? Again, unless Steve @110dB has any ideas here, this is something I would suggest you discuss with your Naim dealer.


The reason I thought the amp is current starved is that it only cuts out when it’s cranked up and there’s a big bass drop or otherwise taxing low-frequency audio event.

Mitch in New York bought a 230v(240?) full statement and had it converted at the factory to 115v (if I remember correctly) before it was shipped to him


Hi @Richard.Dane

Statement can be converted between 115V and 230 and back. The transformer has dual primaries. Series for 230V, parallel for 115V.

This would have to be converted at an authorised service centre or back at Naim.
Theoretically a technician could be flown in with appropriate tools in to speed things up. This service is not officially offered.

It sounds like the NAP S1 is turning off and not the mains supply.
An email to our tech support team may help understand what is happening:

  • Serial numbers
  • Speaker type
  • Cable type
  • Description of fault
  • Is centre logo flashing

old school Naim audio! love it. very refreshing

Do both S1s always cut out simultaneously, regardless of what track is playing at the time? If yes that seems particularly odd as they are independent monoblocks, making me wonder if if is something else common to them causing the tripping. If contacting Naim tech support I would suggest including confirmation as to whether this is the case, and if they are always tripping together a description of how your ststem is wired including mains supply would do no harm.

@Innocent_Bystander Yes, both S1s cut out simultaneously, and yes, there’s plenty of space around them for good airflow. When it cuts out the center blocks flash, so it’s clearly unhappy about something. I’ll reach out to Naim support.

Well done Mr Robot! :+1:
I hadn’t realised that it was possible to push NAP S1 monblocks that hard!
Are they powering MIG welders or a pair of loudspeakers?

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Thank you Mr Robot. I hope the issue is resolved quickly for you.

Best regards, BF

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Are you in the US? I’d recommend running a pair of dedicated 20amp AC lines… one for each amp, maybe even a third for the front end equipment.

Please could you post pictures of your set up :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: