Can anybody identify this tonearm?

I’m sure the answer is yes. But what is it?

Morch UP-4 ?


Bang on, James!:sunglasses:

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Give the rest of us some time to google it😁


Thanks James. That looks spot on.

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OK Gazza here’s another chance.

Can you identify this cartridge. :grinning:

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Or these speakers.

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Mr google has failed me

He failed me again😁, interesting looking speakers though

The tweeters have what look like protective covers.

Never seen that before.

Any clue on the make……they look expensive cabinets to make

Decca London…?


No identifying marks at all.

They have what looks like DIY marble bases fitted.

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Thanks Ian.

That also looks spot on.

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The Decca is such a odd looking cartridge. Only the Denon DL103 looks anything like it…

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The shape looks similar.

Well I would put money on it being a Decca, but it doesn’t seem to have the grooves along the body side to indicate it’s a Decca London.
My immediate thought was it was a Decca Gold, only it’s not gold (clearly) and it doesn’t have Decca’s usual flimsy red plastic mounting bracket. Possibly it is a Decca Mk5.
The mounting arrangement is a bit puzzling. Possibly one of the Martin Bastin developed aluminium mounting brackets?

Is this a competition to see who is the dullest person from Dullsville? Is there a prize?