Can anyone access their Premium Bond Account at the moment?

I spent and hour yesterday and again this morning, cannot get in. Don’t think it is me.
Can anyone get in??

Just tried the app on my phone and it works fine. Sorry probably information of no use to you.

Have you logged in recently using the new authentication method ?

Works fine for me.

Thanks, that is useful. Yesterday it wouldn’t call be back with the code. Today, it won’t let me log in.

I’ll have another look. Will try on the phone and not the laptop.

Do they have your correct phone number?
They need to send you a code.


They’ve started using an extra layer of security.
They call back with a security code.

And then i needed to put in a 6 figure number code in addition.

Yes bit of a faff, but got in okay eventually.

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We have been finding that the code does not always come through straight away. Yesterday we gave up, but this morning it worked fine.


That 6 figure number code:

Don’t bother try 5 5 2 5 0 0 … it isn’t accepted :crazy_face:

Yes, I’ve been sat waiting for the phone to ring, which it hasn’t.

Thanks, I got there eventually, it wasn’t keen on sending the code via phone, then, as you said, had to set up a new pin number. All for £25 about every 2 years. Probably better in a savings account, but…


The prizes are adjusted overall to reflect collectively the return you might expect from a deposit account, which is fine assuming you do actually attract some winnings, of course. As you say, “but…” there is always the possibility of that bigger win.

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I have a problem this morning logging into NS&I, getting a message after entering id & pw, saying proxy server not available. Going in through Premium Bond prize checker using PB number (no pw required at that point), the selecting the link to account details I got a message saying “We’re having a technical issue with our online service. We’re fixing it as fast as we can. Please try again soon or call us on: 08085 007 007.

So it seems they have a glitch somewhere, ongoing from yesterday to today.

I had no problems just now, accessed my account just fine.

Probably since Martin Lewis was telling folk to switch to a different account because you will get more interest unless you win a big PB prize,
Chances of winning against investment in PBS are to low

I had the maximum in for a year or so. Never got more than £75 in a month but there was usually something, averaging out at roughly the quoted interest rate equivalent. I cleared it after moving to France as the blighters here treat it as dividend income and tax it as such.

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