Can Fraim-Lite be upgraded to Fraim?

I have been using my Fraim-Lite for man years, I currently have a dual 2 tier system, and i need to add one more tier. I would like to convert this current Fraim-Lite setup to Fraim since going through the forum, consensus is that the glass shelf suspended by the ball bearings will bring an acoustic sound quality improvement.

However, I have been informed by my NAIM dealer that the Fraim-Lite is not upgradable to Fraim.

What options do i have?

Or is it better to go for isolation feet for the components such as IsoAcoustics instead of Glass shelf suspended on ball bearings?

@Hani you dealer is right in the sense that that wooden part is shaped differently and does not have the recessed parts for the ball bearing cups. Its still very possible to convert however by using the balls and cups on the surface of your Fraim Lite with the glass on top. You can buy the Naim Glass which is apparently tested and tuned etc with many pieces rejected (leading to a higher cost) or you can get glass made up to spec like many on here have.

Lots of users here have converted their Fraim Lite to full fat Fraim with good effect.

You can order the wood,cups, balls and glass separately so yes. Also the upper shelves for the dual bass shelf. Mixing full and Lite shelves in a stack is OK too.
I did it this way but later then wanted to set up a second system with the Lite shelves so needed more legs too. I maybe should have just replaced with full shelves in the first place.

I traded in my Fraim Lite with my dealer (for full Fraim) a few years ago, and received a very good trade in price (he already had a customer lined up for my Fraim Lite) - another option to consider if you have a good dealer relationship.


It’s certainly possible to add the glass and balls. The problem comes when you add the double base level, which will be shaped differently. That may or may not matter. I bought my Fraim used and paid £1,000 for a base and three shelves. It may be better to go that way and sell the Lite.

After checking again with my NAIM dealer in Dubai, it is not recommended as per NAIM standards to mix and match, hence I have requested my dealer to do a trade in, hopefully can do something.

Thanks all for your replies and recommendations.

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Great plan - you won’t be sorry!


Not answering your question – but I wonder whether a power supply for your NDX2 would provide a more meaningful upgrade than a full-fat Fraim. [And put your switch and Core on a small coffee table, and you have a free shelf for the PSU. :grinning:]

Well, @Naim_The_Dragon, you probably have a magic crystal ball which looks into the future, I actually plan to add an additional row for my planned 555ps for NDX2. I only received my 252 one week ago, so i guess i plan to order my 555ps in around 3 months.

Yesterday I ordered 2 Power Lines and a Super Lumina inter-connect.

I had my Cisco 2960 on a small coffee table, however it did look a little awkward, and had more cables running around, now it looks more tidy and frankly i cannot hear a difference between the Cisco being on the rack or on a coffee table few meters away.

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Wow – your system is developing nicely. I guess that’s the upside of working in Dubai. :rofl:

Well, more like the travel budget being spent on NAIM, who knows when we can start travelling again :rofl:

Indeed – when can we travel again. I had to cancel to two research stays in the Far East (2 1/2 weeks during Easter Vacation [cherry blossom time!], and in one months we were planning to leave for 6 weeks…). Conferences were cancelled too…

I had to cancel a Ski trip in Feb to Cortina (Italy), made all bookings including my ski gear, had to cancel everything last minute :unamused: I was so looking forward to this ski trip.

These cancellations are all good. Think of the saving in CO2 emissions. Zoom is the new foreign conference. Who needs them.


All good, except if you work in the aviation business.

My brother-in-law (who works for Rolls Royce Aero engines) and a friend of mine who works for BA will be finding out soon if they’re amongst the 1000s to be losing their jobs.


Yes its a pity, especially as it seems that the UK is quite good in this industrial sector.
We need to ‘get good at’ an alternative to the internal combustion powered car/truck/bus/bike etc etc.

Agree, however unfortunately, that’s not much comfort for people losing their jobs now, and who are less than 5 years from being able to take retirement!


Hi GeeJay, I totally agree, growing up and living in Bristol UK it is the aspiration of many a teenager to work at RR or BAE.

It’s a tricky one I know but in the scheme of things thousands of job losses is a price to pay to save millions of lives in future years, both from pollution and global warming. Anyway, apologies for going off topic.

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I don’t think anyone can condone loss of stable employment Nigel - please don’t, unless you plan to personally replace the salaries of my brother-in-law and my friend yourself.


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