Can HiCap power Headline & Stageline at the same time?

Recently purchased a Headline for some late evening listening. I have a Roxsan Xerses connected to a Stageline which is powered from my NAC252. Would a HiCap be able to power both the Headline and also the Stageline, or is that best left powered from the 252?
Any guidance much appreciated

No, a Hicap can only power one item at any time. Leave the Stageline powered by the NAC252 AUX2 - it’s from dedicated windings on the Supercap transformer and in many respects I find it preferable to even a dedicated Hicap.


Thanks Richard.

Your headline will sound better thru the Nac 252. Using the aux2 on my Nac 52 was a big improvement over the hicap.

No, you should not use the AUX2 to power a Headline. As soon as you connect the signal lead it creates an earth loop that impairs overall performance.

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Thanks for the guidance/clarification. I’ll get a Napsc or dedicated HiCap for the Headline then can have some fun finding some suitable headphones.

Sorry for my mistake. My stageline is powered from the Nac 52/Supercap.

@Richard.Dane, is that also true for powering a SuperLine? ( NAC252 AUX2 vs HiCap(DR) )

Yes, it also applies to the Superline, although I have not compared with a Hicap DR, just a Hicap.

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That’s good to know. Much obliged, Richard.

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