Can I add an internet radio station?


This is my first day streaming (ND5xs2). I am in NYC. I am new to this. Can I add 105.9 WQZR (Classical) and 88.3 WBGO (Jazz) as internet radio stations?

WQXR is available, if that’s the one you mean you are are halfway there…

You can add the other through vtuner, but maybe @stevesky could do it for you. Steve works for Naim.

You can do this yourself, instructions here:

@HungryHalibut WQXR is not a preset. What do I need to do to choose it?

Once it’s playing, touch the star and you get an option to add it as a preset or favourite.

@robert_h i read it and I am clueless I don’t understand. Thanks anyhow.

@HungryHalibut Thsnks. I was able to add as a preset.

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