Can I block spotify?

Sometimes my son comes with us and his taste of music is terrible. He uses spotify and I only want to use Tidal. But he can play his music with his iPhone over my Atom. Is it possible to block Spotify?

I think so. On my Nova I blocked all inputs I didn’t use to simplify the front screen. On the app go to Input Settings, then Spotify. Enable will show green, click on that and that should disable the input.

It’s an oddity of Spotify Connect that once a user has selected a client device, they can reconnect to it regardless of the settings on that device. They don’t even have to be on the same network at the time. The only way to stop this is to get that user’s Spotify app to ‘forget’ your streamer.

Actually there is another way, which is to do a factory reset of the Naim unit. That resets the identity of the Naim unit, as far as the Spotify system is concerned.



I did, but it didn’t help. He still could use spotify. He likes to tease me :grimacing:

Awful music!

Apparently he doesn’t speak too highly of yours!


Can’t remember the exact terms but roughly this is how it could be done years ago. Spotify pc software has the option where you can erase a certain device from spotify user account’s memory.
Your son has to login using his spotify account and then go to settings and choose your atom from the list and click “erase/forget/delete/…”

I did the same years ago when my friend used his phone’s spotify app to play music through my qb. I had to ask him to do fore mentioned action because couple of times he accidentally played his music through my qb when I was sleeping.
At the time phone/ipad app didn’t have the option to do" forgetting". Only using pc/mac it could be done. And my friend had to do it from his spotify account because I couldn’t do it from my own account.

If your son is using your spotify account then I’m not sure how it can be done.

Was he perhaps playing via Airplay, if so you might need to disable that?

I disabled everything but Tidal. That’s the only streaming app I’m using. I can tell him again that he mustn’t do it, but he is a 35 years old married child :grinning: :grinning: Happy to tease me. But I want to win this battle!

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Thanks all for the tips!

How is he controlling the Atom on his phone - Spotify app, Naim app (he could alter settings) or something else entirely which might be simply pushing a Spotify stream? Bluetooth off too?

If this only happens when he’s there, would you feel confident in exlcuding devices connecting to your router via MAC address filtering to only accept your devices?

He’s only using the spotify app. Bluetooth is off too. But it’s a good tip to exclude him in my router. He don’t need my WiFi.

Suppose you could just alter wi-fi password too.

This is odd, as comments above suggested a factory reset would have made the Spotify ecosystem forget the Atom - many people have found Spotify can be used remotely or inadvertently to play on friends/family devices once initially allowed access.

I guess I’m saying thet even if you block his wi-fi if the ATom is still seen as a device by the Spotify ecosystem he may be able to play on the Atom irrespective of a local wi-fi connection.

If he persists despite having been requested not to, presumably multiple times, and presumably his doing it is at times you are present and he knows you will be annoyed, how do you know he won’t switch to using Tidal to source it just to annoy you? So I sepuggest the focus should be cutting his access to the Atom, rather than specifically Spotify. The suggestions above like re blocking mac address may be appropriate to try - otherwise tell him to move out if he can’t obey house rules?

@pkoot I think I misunderstood you earlier. So you don’t own a spotify account and your son does. And his spotify account is linked to your Atom. Is this correct?

I tried to search info from the spotify community website and found similar issues but not exact answers.

Solutions I tested are listed below.

  1. I used my phone’s Spotify android app. My phone is not connected to wifi that my Muso Qb is in, but i have paired Qb as my Spotify device.
    In Spotify when you start to listen to a song there appears icon of available devices. Pressing that opens a list. Next to each device listed is three dot icon. Pressing that icon gives an option “forget device”.

  2. I used my wifi connected iPad’s Naim app. Selected Spotify input and right side there’s Spotify icon which opens Spotify app. In the app appears same options mentioned in 1. only their positions are different.

Cases 1 and 2 have to be done in users (your son) spotify app. I didn’t find the functionality when I tried to use my PC’s Spotify app though.

Wifi connection is irrelevant in the case of using Spotify Connect after the device and spotify app are paired.

Naim and Spotify Connect search didn’t give me any solution to your issue.

Maybe contacting to Naim customer service might be useful if talking to your son doesn’t solve the issue.

Thanks for the search. I think I have to change my wifi password. My son-in-law was here yesterday and he also good stream to the Naim with his Spotify account. He didn’t make any connection, only the same wifi network and he could find the Atom. So, everybody can play music on my Atom when they are connected to the same network.
But first I ask them not to do :grinning:. But they like to tease me …

Changing your wifi password is a good idea so you can control who is using your wifi. And maybe tell visitors not to use spotify when they are connected to your wifi.

Spotify pairing is possible when person using Spotify is in your wifi network and selects your Atom. After the pairing is done that person’s spotify app remembers your Atom even outside your wifi and can play music through it whenever they choose or simply accidentally.

Ok, it’s clear to me. Thanks!

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I think you need to play him at his own game. Buy him a streamer that supports Spotify and play him Wagner’s Ring Cycle at 3am every day. I reckon he’ll get the message sooner or later.