Can I Control the Volume of my Apple Music from my iPhone when streaming to my ND5SX2 Naim streamer?

I am completely new to streaming and this is my first day with a Naim system. I have a question.

I can control the volume with my SN3. However can I control the volume of my Apple Music from my iPhone? It does not appear possible but since I am so new to streaming I wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance.

The short answer is yes, but…
You can control it from the phone when using Naim all-in-one devices, but you can’t control the volume on a preamp from a digital controller.
Naim provide an optional digital volume control for the ND5XS2 which can be enabled in the Naim app but it is likely to affect sound quality. You may also find that the Apple Music app is not ideal for controlling the volume on a HiFi system as a single press of the button gives quite a large jump up or down. It was really only designed to suit the iPhone itself.

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