Can I do it like this?

Currently I have: Broadband Modem output cat6a to Asus Wifi Router RT-AC68U into the Wan Port. Then one Lan to a little 5 port switch the other Lan ports into the Asus for Nas , Computer, TV , cable box.

I want to move the WiFI router to a better more central location. Can I do the following:

Modem to Cisco 8 port switch, all the various items, TV, Nas Computer into the Cisco, then one longer say 6meter Cat6 to the Asus Wifi router?

No, in a word.

The modem has to be connected to the WAN port on the router and everything else is connected to the router, either by WiFi or by ethernet cable to a LAN port on the router, via a switch if appropriate.



Rats… Thats what I thought. Back to the drawing board

How about modem, then 6m cable to the asus, then 6m cable back again to the Cisco?

I may try something like that. Thanks

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